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Something to make you Smile :)

It seems there are things lately that I could use as stumbling blocks. Even today came more crazy bad news, but I always can find something to smile about. I pulled out my son’s artwork out of his folder today as I got his backpack ready for school. This lovely drawing was a few pieces into the stack, and immediately warmed my heart when I saw it. I’m posting it today for all of you. If you’re having a rough day, I hope I can give you something to smile about.

What do you need to make you smile today? A smile from someone else? A kind word? A unexpected gift like this drawing?
Better yet, what can you do to make someone else smile? Even on your worst days, it feels good to make someone else’s day. I think I’m going to see what I can do for someone else today and give thanks to God that I’m exactly where He has me…totally relying on His grace to pull us through a lot of ‘stuff’.


11 thoughts on “Something to make you Smile :)”

  1. your perspective always blesses me friend! There is a blessing in everything I believe. And you always seem to notice them…

  2. You three made me smile…thank you to all of you. I should post more of these. One day he made one that said, “I love weather, because it’s cloudy with a chance of pizza’s” He drew little pizza’s with the pie slices drawn in tumbling out of a cloud. HA!

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