amen, faith, faithful fridays

Fridays are full of Blessings

This week I had so many wonderful things take place.  Just to name a few:

*My neighbor mowed and edged my yard for me.  Yay!

*My mom is cooking my husband and I dinner tonight.

*My new boss and I had a great conversation that left me feeling valued.

*I got a payroll contract this week.  It’s a small one, but money all the same, and we need all the extra revenue we can get.

*My husband had his second interview with an amazing company, where they’ve asked him to work on a couple of projects so that they can see what abilities and strengths are.  He’s to get with them again next week.

*A friend of mine, knowing our situation, called me to take pictures of her son’s graduation party.  She probably didn’t need a photographer, but hired me just the same.  I am blessed to have friends that come to my aid in our time of need.

*My friends and loved ones have been so supportive, including you out there in bloggie land.  Thank you all for being a huge blessing to me.


10 thoughts on “Fridays are full of Blessings”

  1. YAY!!! (hey, I just missed you by the way)

    This is ALL good! It’s great!!!

    HE will not leave you without your needs. But you know that already. It’s just so good to know and hear often!

    I really believe He’s preparing you for something more…Don’t know what…

    Love you!

  2. What an amazing week! When things are looking their bleakest, that’s when His gifts are so extravagant…and money isn’t even in that equation!
    A real joy to read your blessings!

  3. Wow you just make me look at closing doors as something not to cry and grump about but to have faith that something else better will open from God.
    Just love that your hubby got an interview with a new place.

  4. Our blessing is that it stopped raining and warmed up while we had our cross over ceremony from cub scouts to boy scouts last night! We also had a beautiful sunset.

  5. OK my blessing for the day is….. I called our dentist to see what wasn’t covered by our insurance company – I got a statement saying I owed $36.00’s and low and behold, the dentist office made a mistake and they forgot to take off their portion of agreed upon services.

    YIPEE – no $36.00’s to pay for me!

    Cute dog drawing by the way – it made me smile and remember…..

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