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Blessings Through Chaos

Tuesday I posted about my husband’s job loss, from this Monday, but I decided to take it down.  I figure I’d had enough venting on this blog to last a while.

I think I need to stick to uplifting posts right now. Uplifting others is the reason I started this blog, and I feel I’ve strayed from that slightly as of late.

So…here’s some excellent news for the week. I had been job hunting on the behalf of my husband in the last few weeks….applying for jobs over the internet without my husband even knowing. I knew he didn’t have the time. He was at the office from 8 in the am to sometimes 10 to 11 at night without time for personal time to spend with family, let alone search for new employment.

I felt led last Wednesday to search a local media job site for my hubbie. I applied for 4 or 5 positions for him when I saw a familiar name and company listed. It was a posting of a company that I had worked with through various media accounts. I had worked with the owner and his son, and respected their ethics and philosophies. So instead of emailing the man, who owned this company, with just a cover letter/resume for my husband…I emailed him and asked him to call me.

The next day we chatted about his company’s position and my husband’s abilities. He gave me his cell phone and told me to have my husband call him day or night to set something up. A few days later, over the weekend, the generous man called me and wanted to pass on a message to my husband.

He said he’d been thinking about it and knew confidentiality was a concern for us…so to tell my husband he’d be willing to meet with him over a weekend or any evening the next week.

Wow, what a great gesture. Come Monday, my husband and he finally had a conversation and set up an interview time for 7 that same evening. Not even 3 hours later my husband was fired due to internal politics neatly wrapped up and tied with a bow. Talk about timing.

My husband had such peace about the whole day because he knew God would provide for all our needs. No matter our health insurance will soon be gone. No matter that our financial stability has been tossed to the wind. No matter what WE KNOW God’s hand is upon us.

We could sit and sulk and cry WHY GOD?

Or we could thank Him for closing a door on an impossible situation, where my husband was constantly walking on eggshells for a person, that called himself boss and who didn’t appreciate or take care of him.

My husband has his second interview tomorrow at noon with this company to meet the staff. The owner is incredibly impressed with my husband as he should. I am completely faithful that my husband is walking toward the door our Lord has especially held open for him. I am faithful that God is holding our future gently and securely. I am faithful that our family will be provided for without interruption in pay or medical benefits.

Praise God for all He does…great and small…even in the midst of chaos….especially in the midst of chaos.

Please pray for my husband tomorrow. I am thankful that now he has the time to be a husband and father, as that’s what is most important to him. As it should be.


19 thoughts on “Blessings Through Chaos”

  1. He sure does work in mysterious ways! I have been thinking/praying for you – since I read of your situation on your other blog.

    I always say some how, some way – GOD will get you back and I’m sure of that with the old boss – not even reading your old post. (based on my experience in life, I had a feeling it was that kind of situation)

    Ethics are such an important part of life. I know many do not have them.

  2. Thanks wfbdglover for being so sweet and supportive. God does work in mysteriously wonderful ways. It’s so exciting to see Him at work in our lives. I can’t wait to see how beautifully this is going to turn out.

  3. My first concern/observation was the lack of quality family time. That will take a heavy disasterous toll if not corrected. Praying that any new job will correct this dilema. God bless!

  4. Your husband must have the patience of a saint to put up with all he did in that last job. I’m praying that all goes well with this new prospect and you guys are able to get back on track without missing a beat!

  5. Thanks for posting this. You have inspired me once again. My husband worked for a man very similar to the one yours used to work for.

    Thanks for showing me that God can and will make that situation better.

    Big Hugs!

  6. I am glad I visited your blog, because today was my first visit. I read your post and I am also sure God will see you through this.
    My situation was similar in my last job and I was laid off, according to my boss, because of the financial situation. I am sure it is a blessing not to have to go to the office every day and face all the negative things I was facing. I still do not have a job, but I am sure God has something much better for me. He also has something for your husband. 🙂

    The best to your family! 🙂

  7. What a blessing to me to come and read your post! I continue to be amazed at how God attends to all the details of our lives….if we let Him!
    What a joy for your husband to have precious time for his family – and just to be at home.
    Can almost smell the fresh air coming through that open door….hoping this new prospect is his!

  8. Papa and Terri, thank you for always checking up on me and leaving such supportive thoughts.

    Skywindows, it’s amazing how much God does for us if we open our eyes and heart to see it.

    Recreatingmyself, I’m so glad you stopped by. Please come again and I will add you to my prayer list so that you’re blessed with the right opportunity at the right time.

    Trish, the fresh air is better than it’s ever been before.

  9. Sorry I’ve been MIA – wow, I’m sorry about the way your husband lost his job but it sounds like it’s for the best. I hope the second interview went great & he got good news about the job. ((hugs))

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