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Monday’s Prayer

Today is an important day for me in my career.  I pray that if I cross your mind today at all, that you pray for me.  I desperately need for two things to happen in order to get some finances in order.
Without these finances, we can’t buy our airplane tickets to a family’s destination wedding in July.

Without these finances, we can’t take the next huge step in our lives toward a goal.

I don’t doubt God for a minute.  I know God will provide for us, but I think prayers always help.

You always hear, All in God’s timing…but a friend of mine gave me my new saying yesterday.  It goes like this:

Everything always works out in God’s timing, I just wish He’d give me a look at His watch from time to time.

🙂  Have a great day!


9 thoughts on “Monday’s Prayer”

  1. I love your friend’s saying. I started thinking about that when we went through our financial disasters–God, can you just give me a hint? A glimpse to ease the stress?

    Prayed just now. Can’t wait to hear the results!!

  2. Okay–you don’t know me from Adam, but..I googled “blessings” to put something on a talk that I am giving and I happened on your blog. I pray that you rest in His perfect timing and that His will be done. God bless!

  3. Thank you to all 3 of you for your commments. I appreciate your prayers.

    Laura you don’t know how much you blessed me. Thank you!
    Today has been such a huge blessing in such an odd way. It’s definitely blog-worthy so I’ll post on it tomorrow.

  4. Prayer is a communication tool with our most important friend. Always be confident He listens and communicates back. We tend to talk more than we listen. Trust his timing – it is always on time. Talk to him throughout the day. Listen even more. What people share on your blog is one way God speaks to us.

  5. Wouldn’t we all love to see God’s watch sometimes. I am much further down life’s road than you are, and still there are times we are just waiting. There is something of a humbling process when he gets us down to the last of our “hoarded resources” – As the old song goes, “Our Father’s full giving has only begun!”

  6. You are in my prayers tonight. God has His special “timing” for answering prayers. I pray that His time meets and surpasses all of your needs.

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