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How to explain…

I recently posted at my wornoutwoman blog about my son’s favorite hermit crab, Larry Lee Lenson, passing on. This post has sparked some interesting comments on how different people handling explaining death to children.

This is something none of us ever want to experience, but the circle of life does go on. We will eventually have to explain to our little ones why his favorite pet is gone spiritually and not physically. We will have to eventually comfort them when a loved one dies.

It prompted me to write here to ask you all:
When and how did you have to deal with a passing and explain it to a child?

Feel free to read the post to see how my son took the news of his pet hermit crab, when he died.


2 thoughts on “How to explain…”

  1. Hi, sorry to hear the passing of your son’s favorite pet. I did a post in my blog about a story of a girl and her dog. Do read it and I hope it will help. Take care.

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