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A little something

Here’s something I wrote when I was in college, after waking up to God’s call in my life:

She’s a good girl they say, but she’s done her time.
She’s walked down that road and crossed a fine line.
Now she’s watching the sky and walking into the fiery burn.
It’s starting to dawn. She’s finally starting to learn.
Come to me, my child, and I’ll pull you through.
I’ve got a plan destined just for you.
Keep moving forward. Don’t look back.
Focus on the good in your life-not on when you lost track.
Youth and Innocence are not lost. Your life has just begun.
All regret into the wind is tossed. Toward the dawning she runs.

What does it make you think about? And does it remind you of any time in your life?


7 thoughts on “A little something”

  1. WOW!!!! That is fantastic girl!!!

    Makes me think of my abortions and the day I realized and finally received, and believed in, His forgiveness. It was a beautiful day.

    really…that is so well written!

  2. Thanks. I know ‘walking into the fiery burn’ is debatable b/c some may consider that hell, but to me the fiery burn was God’s cleansing and His light.

    It was a place I’d been avoiding because I thought it would hurt too much to give up my lifestyle, so I wanted it to sound painful…like dying to be reborn. In essence that’s what we do.

  3. Isn’t it amazing to look back along the path God has brought you down? And wasn’t it so scary just even stepping foot on that path the first time?! He is so faithful.

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