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Fridays are Full of Blessings 4-11-08

This week has flown by so fast. How is it almost the middle of April by now? Looking back I can see many things I’m thankful for:

  • My sister and I not only work together but are able to do it so well.  She actually makes my work fun…is that possible to put work and fun in the same sentence?? It is when I work with her.
  • She and I have such a great relationship and I’m so blessed to have her in my life.
  • My husband has some exciting opportunities coming up that I am praying God will bless.
  • My son is just growing leaps and bounds every day, and this week he’s so happy and joyful.
  • Tomorrow is his first T-ball game and we’re so blessed to have such a healthy child, that’s able to run and play as hard as he does.
  • I have some contracts come in this week that I’ve been waiting months on….yay!
  • I’ve lost 6 pounds and kept it off. I’m able to fit in my skinny jeans this week.
  • We had teacher parent conferences this week, and my son is more than ready to move onto Kindergarten. He’s one of his teacher’s favorite kids, and it’s so nice to see how well he’s doing in school.

I’m sure I could list more…but I think that’s enough for now. I’m just so blessed to have the family & friends that I do. Each day I feel like I’m in a funk, I have to stop and take stock of what all God has graced me with. I’m so thankful for each day that we’re healthy and living in this world with one another.


9 thoughts on “Fridays are Full of Blessings 4-11-08”

  1. Congratulations! It looks like things are going your way financially. All that faith and waiting patiently paid off, huh?

    Have fun watching t-ball! I know your son loves every minute of his sports activities! We are starting Track and Softball here, but… it’s touch and go since it snowed again yesterday!

    Congrats on your weight loss too. What a great feeling!

  2. Yup, as soon as I’m ‘paid’ for those contracts I’ll feel a little better when it comes to my bank account, but God is definitely blessing the fruits of my labor.
    Thanks Terri!

  3. “Skinny Jeans” ??? I haven’t wore those in years! Help! God has sure blessed mama and I though – we thank him every day for our good health – however, my memory is going! Who’s blog am I typing on anyway??!!

  4. This has become one of the Friday habits – writing my own blessings….then coming to read yours….and getting blessed all over again!
    Cool on the ‘skinny jeans’….they’ll look very good as you cheer on your little guy at T-ball!

  5. Thanks Trish…I love it that you post yours too. It makes a huge difference in your heart when you see all the blessings you have, doesn’t it?

    Papa, I don’t know….whose blog are you on? 🙂 My memory is just as good as yours most days!

  6. You have worked so hard girl! I loved reading this praise!

    Skinny Jeans? Just in time for summer!

    OK – so do you wear shorts or skirts?

  7. Funny! I am just the opposite. I wear mostly skirts now because I hate my legs. And skirts are much cooler to me. I will wear longer shorts tho – like the cool trouser looking ones. I LOVE those.

    I have finally started exercising tho. I REALLY need to tone up – eeeks!

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