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Rant….just a little

Tam posted today on something that just got me in a little rant mode.  Although I commend American Idol for their “Gives Back” show in getting our nation involved in doing something…anything to help those in need across our own nation and abroad, I’m more than upset at the moment.

Censorship is necessary in some forms so that our kids aren’t exposed to certain messages in the media and film industry.  However American Idol is supposed to be a family friendly show, where the whole family can watch and be entertained.

Last night they targeted their acts to the younger audiences, as the music industry is tailored to the younger generation.  These stars mentioned over and over, “Kids break out your piggy banks, parents get out your wallets.”

Obviously it’s a show where kids will be watching and tuning in…..

YET they censor the name Jesus, and leave in words like bitch and ass???  Come on give us parents, Christian and non, a break from vulgar language with our kids in the room!!  Seriously????

5 thoughts on “Rant….just a little”

  1. I’ve noticed similar bizarre censorships rules… censors will allow ‘ass,’ but not assh*l*, bleeping ‘hole’ not ‘ass.’ That doesn’t make sense. Just don’t use either one.

  2. Tara, I noticed the same thing with GD the other day.

    They took God out and kept Damn. Eh?

    I’ve no clue where the logic is there. At all!!!

  3. Lets be sure we all set the example and make it a high standard. Our children need to see us take a stand. When that comes across the air waves and our kids turn to see what we are going to do – lets send them a good message.

  4. Good thoughts…I don’t know what “filter” is being used nowadays on TV, but it sure seems to be letting the wrong stuff get through…

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