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I kinda like this question and answer thing.  My question for you today on Hump Day as it’s half way to the weekend is two fold:

What is one of your triggers?  As in what sets you off is such a way that you need to pray to let go?

And how do you relax?  What puts you at peace?

My own personal answers?  One of my triggers is anyone that would intentionally try to hurt someone else-whether it be road rage to abuse.  My instinct is to get in their face and give them the ‘what how’!

You know..the ‘What’ do you think your doing?  and ‘How’ can you behave that way?

In these instances, sometimes I react and sometimes I pray depending on the circumstances.  When anyone messed with my sister, when we were both single and hitting the town, I for sure gave them the evil eyes and a few choice words.

Now as I’m not around as much of that, I try to get some peace by letting my reaction not take control and handing it to God.

How do I relax?

A good book, preferably in a hammock or on the beach….but in a quiet house will do.


3 thoughts on “Questions…”

  1. What sets me off? Arrogance, especially when it’s combined with selfishness. I can not stand it when someone can’t take half a second to see a situation from another person’s point of view.

    I relax, like you, with a good book or by taking a walk on my own and listening to music.

  2. Triggers … someone calling me a liar. A co-worker did that earlier this week and I went nuclear on him. Gave him plenty of ‘what how!’ He came back later to apologize, but the damage was done.

    Relax… a quiet spot, a good book, and time to be alone.

  3. LOL…those are triggers for me too! Injustice over all gets me going from arrogant behavior to those who are spiteful in trying to tear someone down. Glad to know I’m not the only one giving the ‘what how’s’ out there!

    I imagine all of us bloggers will enjoy a good book, considering we’re addicted to reading other’s blogs! 🙂

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