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Fridays are Full of Blessings 4-4-08


This week has just exploded, in a good way. God has just been sending his blessings my way in such a dynamic way, and some of them I can’t share at the moment…even though I really really want to.

To list a few short ones:

*A publishing house asked me to send my full manuscript, and it looks promising.  I feel that this is it for me and I have faith they’ll publish it.

*I achieved a huge milestone in my life this week, and it’s going to change of lot of things to come.

*My dog is doing well enough to keep him home for a while before making the final call to put him to sleep.  It’s a blessing to be able to give him one last month of pamper time.

*I have felt God’s peace in my life immensly this week.

*There is a lot prayer going up for a certain person in my life, and it seems that stumbling blocks are placed in his way daily.  I have faith and feel blessed in God’s plan for this person.  Even through the valleys in his life right now, I know God is in control.  I’m looking forward to posting huge blessings in his life soon.

This week is short and sweet…but God is working big things!


3 thoughts on “Fridays are Full of Blessings 4-4-08”

  1. Hi! Sorry it has taken me so long to get over here. I was going to your other blog and couldn’t figure out what was going on. I am a little behind in technology. 🙂 Counting your blessing is always such a good idea 🙂 I kept a journal for a year. Half the time I was most grateful it was bed time because that is when my kids were little. Rambling, sorry!

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