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Feed the Children

So my son’s 5th birthday party focused on Feed the Children as it’s annual charity. I only asked that each child bring $1.00 with each gift, if they felt the need.

It resulted in about 10 dollars worth of revenue toward donations for Feed the Children. Not very much, but every little bit counts. I only listed the information in the birthday invitations, but didn’t ask anyone at his party for any donations they might have brought. I didn’t want to push, b/c I figured those that wanted to give would. The last thing I’d ever want to do is guilt anyone into giving. Otherwise it wouldn’t have been a true gift. A few other parents, that I know would have donated, ended up canceling at the last minute.

I don’t care how much or little we’re giving to our charity of choice this year. All that matters is how my son feels when he can personally delivers the cash to them, knowing how it will help other people in need. Their main lobby has large photos of kids from around the world. I know as he looks around, it will hit home how even just 10 dollars could help.

So tell me what do you all do to teach your children about the world and it’s needs?


3 thoughts on “Feed the Children”

  1. When he was small, my son and I spent a lot of time doing walks, etc for charity. From the time my son was 10, we would spend our church service at a downtown church. The reason for this is that we would get up early, and help cook and serve food to the homeless, then attend their church service with them.

    It’s amazing how much something like that will pay off in the long run. My son is no longer a child, but he is very sensitive to plight of the socioeconomically disadvantaged. Unlike many college-age students, he doesn’t fear nor does he avoid the homeless. Instead, he realizes that they are just like anyone else, only they don’t live in a house. To this day, he still helps them whenever and however he can. He has even taken his band down to where many of the homeless live, and put on a little free concert for them (unplugged, of course) and has considered becoming a psychologist for the lower-income population as his life’s vocation.

    What you teach your son now will pay off in his life, I promise you. I’m glad to see I’m not the only mom who believes in involving the children in giving back.

  2. My husband’s bands ministers to the homeless every third thursday of the month, and I like to take our children so they can also see how blessed they are, and how much God loves these people. We also have a boy we support through Compassion international, we have been corresponding with him for about 4 years now, and we refer to him as our son in India. My kiddos are in tune that the many need help, and we would like to do more as God leads.

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