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faithful friday 2/22

I’m going to start challenging you all to start counting your blessings each Friday. Life is full of stress, fatigue, family drama, or whatever else is thrown at you. It’s so easy to focus on the negatives we’ve encountered. To live in a constant state of negativity is the easy way out. It’s toxic and it keeps you bound in a constant state of oppression.

I challenge you to break the cycle and literally list 7 things that you can look back on as blessings, that have occurred in your week. Those in my own life, that I encourage to do this, have noticed a huge change in their outlook on life. How can something as simple as focusing on your blessings make such an impact? If you’re not sure…than all I do is ask you to do it….starting this week.

Keep a mental or physical list of the things in your world that have blessed you, and then post your blessings next Friday.

As far as my own life:

I’m 8 days down of little or no sleep from my life circumstances. I’m worn thin and sleep deprived….BUT my blessings are these:

*My son has finally turned a corner and recovered from his nasty bug. Hallelujah!

*I’m hugely BLESSED from the amount of time I’ve been able to spend with him this last week and a half.

*I got to eat lunch with my sister today, and with a coupon. Our lunch cost $6.00—yay!

*My mom bought my Starbucks Frappacino’s, which I’ve not been buying due to budget cut backs at home.

*My sister and I layed out the ground work for our new business this week. Next Christmas we’ll have our 2 year project in local shops. (another—yay!)

*I gave a photo project to a family friend for his birthday. It was a shot I took of him, at one of his races, made into a magazine cover. He was so excited about it, and it was a huge blessing to see him react to it.

*I’m stripping the wallpaper in my kitchen, and found TWO other layers underneath. It feels good to peel off that nasty busy wallpaper, and it’s so motivating to start another DIY project.

*My husband is out right now driving to the grocery store to buy me yogurt for my upset tummy, (think I’m getting more flu like symptoms) and I’m so blessed to have someone in my life who takes care of me.

It is sooo normal to get a little frustrated, but it’s highly important to let go of the negativity in your life and focus on your blessings. Life is too short to hold onto the anger or negativity in your life. Give yourself a break by focusing on what good things God has given you.

One week from today, post about your blessings through all life’s stuff that was thrown at you. Blog it and let me know each week how many blessings you’ve had and how it’s making an impact in your life.



4 thoughts on “faithful friday 2/22”

  1. I LOVE THIS!!!

    Brilliant girl!

    I love that you’re thankful you found TWO more layers of wall paper underneath 😉

    I am SO ecstatic that your son is better! He is a well loved little one who is smothered in prayer! Praise You Lord – Thank you!

    Your own business? Fantastic! Please tell me you haven;t mentioned it to me before and I’ve forgotten? Which seems to be the norm for me lately 😯

    Hope the yogurt helps your tummy! Looks like you need some healing prayer now too…

  2. Thank you for encouraging others to focus on their blessings. You have taught me that it really does have a positive impact to simply turn my thoughts away from the negativity. It’s not always easy to remember though. Those negative thoughts have such power sometimes! So I am very grateful that you continue to remind me!

  3. Great advice! God knows how good it is to focus on his blessings instead of on those details that trip us up. Proverbs 3:7 is a good reminder: “In ALL yours ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths.”

    I started a Gratitude Journal a couple of years ago–a good practice that kept my thoughts turned in the right direction. Thanks for reminding us all how good it is to offer that “sacrifice of praise,” even when we may not feel like it.

  4. Awesome article. We too often fail to see how we can pridefully bring others down with our detrimental thinking if we are not careful. I like your examples which teach how to put positive thinking into practice.

    Glad to hear your son is better.

    And many blessings to you and your sister’s business.

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