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Update on my son…


It’s no wonder everyone and their dog has been getting sick lately. It’s 70 degrees one day and 30 degrees the next. In a few more days, it will warm back up to high 50’s and then probably more 60’s.

Everyone I know has had severe severe health issues from the flu to bronchial infections. I got some of the former a week ago, so I’m just blessed to only have had minor stomach issues. It’s a wonder I wasn’t stuck to the bathroom like most of my friends and family were. I was very blessed to have gotten over it quickly before it even began. And just in time to begin the care taking involved for my son.

Thank you to all of you who have left such sweet comments, and have prayed for my son’s health. It is always such a relief knowing I have a support network of prayer in blog land.

We just got back from the doctor. After a chest Xray and a nasal swab, his ped dr determined it’s not the flu…whew. However the orignial diagnosis stands…bronchitis. Since his fever is being so persistant and he allergically reacted to his last antibiotic, he’s changed him from a z-pac to cephzil. At this point please pray that he doesn’t have an allergy to the new antibiotic. If the cough doesn’t subside by Monday, they’ll put him on an inhaler.

Tylenol seems to be going a good job of getting his fever back down, however after it’s four hour duration it’s back up into the lower 100’s. Thank you to all of you who will continue to pray for his recovery. I pray God blesses you in return.


7 thoughts on “Update on my son…”

  1. I’ve been hearing about sickness going around here too. I hope the new meds work & he’s back to his healthy self soon!

  2. Yay!!! Got your message via email this morning from cre8.

    I am so stoked! “Stoked” such an 80’s word! Funny!

    Anyways…I am thrilled about your boy and everything else!!!

    God is always at work!

  3. My son had similar symptoms when young, and a cough that just wouldn’t go away. Eventually the pediatrician sent us to an Ear, Nose, and Throat specialist, and he immediately removed my son’s tonsils and adenoids, and put tubes in his ears because he had suffered from many ear infections as well.

    Today he’s almost 21, and he rarely gets sick. It’s pretty amazing!

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