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Faithful Friday 2-8-08

Can Christians Drink????

I know that Catholics partake in a few now and then. I know that a lot of Protestants do as well. How much is too much and what example is set for non believers?

I think there is a difference between all out drunkeness and have a few glasses of wine. I’m a prime example of both. In my wilder days, I used to imbibe to just let go of the pain of certain things in life. I had what some would call a problem. Before I finally looked in the mirror, and asked God for help in re-directing my life, I was drunk or tipsy 2-3 weekends a month. This resulted in bad behavior, mind altering issues, and in essence more pain.

Now I may have a few glasses of wine or a margarita once or twice a year. Last night for example at my husband’s swanky dinner, I had a few glasses of a white chardonay. I was getting over the stomach bug, and it was the only thing that settled my somewhat queezy tummy. It was a great glass of wine that went well with my dinner. I didn’t get tipsy nor alter my behavior.

They say a glass of wine a day is good for your heart. But how many people use that as an excuse to partake in a few too many? Jesus turned water into wine at a wedding celebration. But who uses this as a crutch to excuse their behavior and have another?

Question for you today on Faithful Friday:

Can Christians still have a glass of wine and still hold to their faith? How much is too much?

I personally think it’s what God is calling for you in your own life. When I hit rock bottom in college, I needed to let go of my behavior and the desire to drink. God took the urge from me completely and I stayed away from people I had once circulated with to ensure my walk stayed on His path. I know it was something He wanted me to cut from my life completely at that time.

I don’t think He condemns me for a glass or two of wine when I’m out for my anniversary or birthday, as this is once or twice a year in celebration. Not only because I don’t get drunk, which the Bible clearly states in wrong, but because I’m not in a situation that would expose me to danger. I’m not bar hoppin’ with the girls…I’m with my husband who would watch out for me.

Let me know what you think….


12 thoughts on “Faithful Friday 2-8-08”

  1. This is an easy one to me. You CAN drink and still hold true to your faith. I believe that Christ used ACTUAL wine at the last supper. It was a social beverage like it is today. This being said, an abuse of alcohol, or anything is bad. If you drink casually & socially and keep your senses, etc then I believe it is okay. I, too, had issues with drinking when I was younger but got them under control. I was not practicing in my faith when I did that. Everything is okay in moderation as long as it is not against the law of the land (i.e. illegal drugs). That was my $0.02 anyway.

  2. Well, I’m Catholic so you know I don’t have a problem with it! I have very strong faith too. As long as drinking is done in moderation and you keep your wits about you, so as not to harm to yourself or someone else, then I say absolutely it’s okay!

  3. Bible doesn’t say not to drink – it says not to become drunk with wine…as you’ve pointed out already. I think I’ve quoted this verse from Cor three times this week but it’s so applicable to everyday living…Anything is permissible but not everything is beneficial. Have a drink, don;t have too many. Don’t have one to numb pain though. I also say, don;t eat to numb pain. Get to the real issue instead. I think our society has taken so many things, innocent in and of themselves, and have distorted and devalued their, well, value. Now, I wouldn’t drink if I were in the company of others who were uncomfortable with it.

    But girl, if we ever met…we could totally go out and get you a margarita and me a mojito! πŸ˜€

  4. I once blew a 2.6 on a breathalizer when no one around me thought I was the least bit drunk. For it was just because of having beer on my breath and the union steward wanting to get a non-union worker in trouble.

    Be assured that it came as quite a shock unto me. For I knew that I drank A LOT; but I had no idea that I could have that much in my system without feeling any of the effects.

    No, I was not an alcoholic. For I just liked the stuff.

    All of that has now changed. For our Heavenly Father has delivered me from that great desire; but as far as it being a sin to “drink” alcoholic beverages: be assured that the others are correct in saying that it is “drunkenness” that is the sin.

  5. Thanks to you all for leaving your comments. I agree that eating to numb the pain is just as bad. It’s all in moderation.

    Tam…margarita’s are callin our names! πŸ™‚

  6. I don’t think drinking is a sin. Drunkeness yes. One thing I always try to keep in mind if I am out somewhere is that the bible teaches you that you should not partake in anything that might cause someone else to fall. If I am around someone who tends to drink a lot I try to not drink at all.

  7. I couldn’t agree more. I think that’s my main concern is setting an example. If I’m not drunk than the example is moderation…but if it still leads someone else to fall than I wouldn’t partake.

  8. in my religion alcohol is completely forbidden even if it is a drop , to be honest I never understood why people like it , sorry to say this but it smells πŸ˜€ , I thought that it was just beer that stinks , then one day someone had broken their wine bottle ( i think it was an accident ) outside a supermarket ,their was wine everywhere like a little puddle and I walked past it , it just absolutely stank .
    I think it is because I have never been brought up on it so therefore I do not like or understand why people like it .
    I know their will be rivers of wine in paradise that won’t intoxicate you nor make you sick with a headach wonderful eh ?

  9. Our Lord drank 3 cups of wine at the last supper. However that wine was cut with water and was likely not as high a content as todays wine. Clearly fermented grapes contain alcohol, so it’s not forbidden. Getting drunk is. In the middle of those extremes is liberty, but clearly science gives us some guidelines as well. A man weighing 225 lb. can consume 3 glasses of wine with dinner without effect. A 140 lb. likely can’t.
    You live and learn, just avoid gettomg legalist about it.

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