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Superbowl favorites

Instead of posting on my views of what did or didn’t happen in last night’s game, I thought I post my favorite commercial. This was too cute. Between this and last night’s halftime show, my son had a great time. My brother in law has a TV that’s about the size of his living room wall, and it was so loud my son and I had to sit in a separate room to keep his little ears from getting damaged. At half time they turned the sound down, and he felt like he was actually in the crowd watching Tom Petty due to the size of the screen. My son did look like he was part of the crowd. He stood facing it, with his back to us, with his arms waving and he blended right in with the people. They all looked to be about his size too. He sand Free Fallin’ and danced for all four songs.

Here’s JT:


6 thoughts on “Superbowl favorites”

  1. Commercials were great! But the Pats lost 😦 I’m actually indifferent about that, although I was rooting for them. Let’s face it, the Giants were the better far! They clearly deserved it! I’m happy for the Manning family and Plexico Burress (sp?)…Oh my, his interview after the game had us all in tears!

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