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Faithful Friday 2-1-08


For the last week or so I’ve let stress spiritually deplete me. It’s not that I’m not still looking to God for answers, or having faith that He will provide…because He will. I’ve just not felt like kneeling to pray, or actively taking part in our relationship. I’ve not purposely looked to Him as I’ve just felt a little to worn thin. I think we all get this way from time to time.

My dog woke me up unusually early this morning to answer nature’s call, and I begrudgingly turned off our alarm and walked him outside. You can’t just open a door to let him out to do his own business…you have to walk out with him to keep him company. Let’s just say he’s a little co-dependent since my son was born.

As we both returned to the back door, I turned to see the most amazing sunrise that glistened on all our neighbor’s roof tops. I could almost hear God whispering, Good Morning…this is for you. I was immediately awake…not that the cold temperatures couldn’t have done it…but His greeting me this morning made me thankful to be in the right place to behold His beautiful world.

This morning my son got up early, b/c I did. Our clocks our intertwined. When I sleep he does…when I awake…he does…it’s weird, but we’ve always been that way. Because he got up early, we were able to spend some time in the snow this morning. Instead of hopping into the car immediately for school, he ran his little legs off in our front yard yelling, “Weeeeee….I’m making a path to great destinations!”

Sometimes it takes small things like these to wake us up spiritually. Yes, life isn’t always perfect and neither are our jobs, but the simple things in life are so sweet. Like God’s good morning message to all of us…or our children’s laughter…or the subtle messages that lie in both.

My path with my career may be unknown at the moment, but I’m taking the steps to do the best I can. Yes, I start over financially every month, being on straight commission….Yes, it seems I never can get ahead….but I’m staying on path to get to my great destination. I just hope I don’t fall and slip on the ice like my son did this morning. 😉

He was so cute as he realized once he stepped off the grass & onto driveway that he was in for a fall. His little cowboy boots slipped out from under him and he fell on his side. I waited to see if he hurt himself or if he would get up….he got up. I couldn’t help but giggle at him. He’s got to learn the hard way about ice and snow…you can’t warn them without them fully understanding the gravity of slippery ice. No pun intended.

I dropped him at his school this morning. He had a hooded sweatshirt, his jacket, his boots, and sunglasses on. He double hooded himself with his jacket, and said, “Momma, I’m off the hook!” Now I’m not really sure he knows what that means, but he heard it from D.J., a cars toy at target, and ever since everything’s ‘off the hook’.

I hope your Friday is off the hook. I’m going to make sure I make the most of mine.


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