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Faithful Friday 1-11-08

Obviously anyone who’s read that last two posts will know my Faithful Friday will be about God’s grace in my mom’s surgery and recovery. This morning there was a small complication with her recovery, but nothing a little Claritin couldn’t take care of. She had a  allergic reaction to her antibiotics. Again, if you read the last two posts…nothing that would surprise me since she and I are highly allergic to most antibiotics out there.

God has kept her in the center of His will, and kept her safe at every turn. Handing Him my mom, was a huge thing…giving Him the person who’s the center of your world…your mommy. He blessed her surgery and outcome. Now He just has to keep her safe through all the meds all the way through to the other side of recovery. And I know He’ll do just that.

What are you struggling with today? What are you holding on to that you can hand over to your heavenly father?


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