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Update on my Mom…

I just got off the phone with my mother. It’s the first time we’ve talked all day. Her surgery was about 3 hours long. I waited to arrive at the hospital, until after she went into surgery due to the fact that I’m getting a chest cold, and I left once I knew she out of surgery. I’ve not seen her in four days because I didn’t want her to catch anything from me. The last thing she needed was to get sick right before surgery, or while she’s in recovery.

As I said in my last post, God has given me such peace about her procedure. If you knew anything about her issues with being put under, anyone in their right mind would be more than moderately concerned if it were their mom. Today was like any other day, as far as my emotions, because I knew God was holding my mother close.

My mom has had an infection in her sinus areas for some time, that wasn’t going away with medication. She and I are both allergic to most antibiotics, so she was limited on what she could take. After her surgery, the surgeon came out to visit with us. He said he dug out multiple polyps from her sinus cavity, and cleaned her all up. The infection was dangerously close to a large vein or artery that leads straight to the heart, which eventually could have killed her. This is why he recommended they do the surgery and get it cleaned out. While they were in there, they also fixed her deviated septum. She’s had less than 20% breathing capacity ever since I’ve known her. Unfortunately for me….like mother-like daughter. I’ve got a polyp blocking the left part of my nose, so that I can’t breath through it. The doctor has told me that I may too have to have something done surgically to remove it. Yay! (not!)

After just talking to her, she just told me that she’s not in pain. She said that she finally feels normal and that the pressure from her sinuses is gone. She said the worst pain she feels is in her throat, from where they had a tube down her. Amen! Even with the gauze packing up in her nose, she feels better than she’s felt in years. That would make sense when thinking about how much crud was cleaned out of her. I’m so happy she’s free of the sinus pressure.

Now I know she’ll be able to breathe again. She’ll probably stop getting migraine headaches. The swelling she constantly had under her eyes will most likey subside. She’ll have a better quality of life, and I’m just so thankful that God led her through this surgery with flying colors. She’s not just recovering…she’s already feeling better than she’d ever think she could. Thank you LORD!


8 thoughts on “Update on my Mom…”

  1. Me too Sky windows…thank you. I hope she slept last night. I’m waiting to hear today. I’m sure she won’t remember any of yesterday. The funniest thing was the irritation she showed for what she called her ‘mini-pad’ that she had to wear under her nose, to catch the blood. This dumb minipad under my nose…is what she told me…LOL!

  2. “The doctor has told me that I may too have to have something done surgically to remove it. Yay! (not!)”

    Hmmm…you sound a bit stubborn 😉

    Glad to see the good news! It truly is fantastic!

    You’re still not feeling good?

  3. Girl, I am STILL not over this! It hasn’t hit my chest though. But my nose, head, ears…ick! It’s just hangin’ on. It’s been since Christmas Eve.

    I’m so sorry. Are you on antibiotics?

    Take care of yourself! I’d bring you soup if I could 🙂

  4. You’re sweet. No, mine seems to be curbing. I’ll pray for you Tam…that sucks. My dad just called and it seems my mom has had a slight reaction to one of her meds. Please continue to pray for her.

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