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Envelope Alert

A friend of mine forwarded me an email, that I can’t verify or discount through, so I thought I’d pass it along. She apparently heard that the U.S. Post office has been forced to take down posters in house that read, “In God We Trust.” The reason stated? That the law is being violated.

Her email went on to say that we should start writing, “In God We Trust”, on the back of all our envelopes. It’s a sentiment that I’m willing to pass on eagerly. We’re in a country that was founded on God, and all He stands for, and yet it seems every religion gets leniency in this country BUT Christianity.

The Post office takes our money to buy stamps….money that still states, “In God We Trust”. It’s still green and works, right? According to stats in my friends email, 86% of Americans believe in God. Now don’t me started on belief vs. worship, because that’s another blog. So 14% of the country, that don’t believe, are slowly but surely taking God out of everything our country stands for.

So if the 86% of you reading this would, please write “in God we trust” on the back of all your envelopes!!!


1 thought on “Envelope Alert”

  1. Great idea. It used to be that you never met anyone that didn’t have a pretty good idea at least of who Jesus is but more and more I’m meeting people at an alarming rate that don’t have a clue or the least amount of respect. When I was a child drunks had more repect for the church than a lot of church goers do now. Thanks for your stand and your call. It is amazing how our country is being shredded rapidly from within.

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