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Go Skins!

Way to go boys!
Last nights game was so fun for me to watch. Although their record isn’t the most impressive in the league, at 9-7, these players have so much heart. And they’ve won four in a row! QB, Todd Collins is so impressive, and I’m so glad they’ve been able to lean back on someone who has the maturity and knowledge of the game.

Most people don’t understand why I stand by the Skins when I’m in Cowboy country, here in OKC. Well it’s because I lived in Virginia some in the 80’s, and Redskin fever is as hot as they come.

I’m also a HUGE Joe Gibbs fan, who also happens to be a Christian. I met him once, about 7 years ago at a Porter-Cable/Delta conference, when he was more involved with racing than football. I got to hold the HUGE superbowl championship ring and my arm almost fell to the ground when he layed it in my hand.  He was so kind to me, in letting me hold that ring and taking time to talk with me.  He’s such a humble and down to earth man, who deserves a great ending to this season’s roller coaster.  

Thank you to to Joe and the team for a great season, and here’s to the playoffs…..WOOO HOOOO! Let’s head to the Super Bowl next! Photobucket

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Go Redskins!


7 thoughts on “Go Skins!”

  1. My husband tends to think so! 😉 Except he’s such a sports finatic that I tend to tune his sports babble out, and respond with a ‘Uh-huh’ and ‘thats great honey’ every time someone is on that I could care less about. I only follow OU Sooners (Boomer!), The Redskins or Steelers, and UH Warriors.

  2. We’re huge Oregon Duck fans and they demolished USF today in the Sun Bowl!

    My son is a walking Stats Fact boy. So I find myself responding like that quite often too. Yes Kota – Uh-huh – Really? Cool! As my head just bobbles and my eyes gloss over!

  3. What’s with the Rick Springfield picture? Is that really him? Couldn’t prove it by me……..remember, I’m the one who didn’t know who Bono is. Must be an age difference in there somewhere. You think???

  4. Of course, living in Virginia we are huge Skins fans here too….

    Glad to hear your rooting for the right team, surrounded by all those Cowboys!

    Joe Gibb is a wonderful man. His grandson has leukemia, and I can really bond with him there…

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