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Faithful Friday 12-7-07

Here it is a couple weeks away from Christmas, and right in the middle of gift buying season. And although I’ve obviously NOT lost sight of the real reason my family celebrates this month, it’s still a gift giving tradition.

This Friday, I’m a little more than overwhelmed with the idea of spending any money, when we’re struggling just to pay bills. My husband is ‘that’ guy who always gives the perfect gift. He has the need to be the one with the most creative or thoughtful present to give. It’s almost a compulsion to find the right gift, so that when it’s opened everyone in the room oohs and ahhs on his creativity. I love him for wanting to please people, but it’s a worry for me this year.

I don’t know if he can just do $10 on each person. I don’t think his obsession to get a lot of presents will be quieted with a skim budget. I am more worried about this than how we’re going to pay our bills, because in truth they go hand in hand.

I would love make a gift certificate for each person this month that states:

This value of this gift certificate is priceless. It is good for one whole day with me, so please redeem it at any time!!!

I think that’s what my family would love the most. What creative gifts would you give without money??

I am letting this go of this worry, and giving it to God that a) we can take care of paying our bills this month and b) that my husband can let go of his gift giving impulses. Although I know he knows that the presents are not what Christmas is really about, I will pray that he is okay to let go of the spending. Deep down I pray he gets that his and my family would be pleased with a card and a gift certificate for time spent.


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