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Words have no power over me…

Most days you will never find someone that would say something negative against me or most people I know.  They say birds of a feather…well I hang out with some really nice people.  They’re funny, generous, and smart…quick to give with talent and wit.

Growing up it would really crush me if I heard something someone said about me that was cruel or hateful.  My world was rocked when someone would be purposely hurtful…why would anyone want to hurt me?  What had I done to them?

Hopefully we all grow up and learn that hurtful words are not about the subject but the speaker themselves.  Today I heard from a friend that gave me some news.  News that would throw most people off kilter.  Someone had spoken unkind about me to someone who is of some importance.  Does that upset me?  HEAVENS NO!

No response came from my heart other than sorrow for the speaker of the words themselves.  I shook my head, and felt sorry that this person was so vindictive in in lies, that he had to spread hate in this world.  I now know that words of these sort have nothing to do with me…but about the person speaking them.  He has a hurt spirit or he wouldn’t want to be spiteful.

Those Christians reading this post…I remind you to pray for the people in your future or past that have spoken ill of you or your loved ones in your life.  Remember their words have no power of your life.  BUT your prayers can have effects in theirs!

Thank you Jesus for your daily blessings and protection.  Thank you God for your continued care and peace in my heart.  I am so glad to be your child, in that you grant me happiness and joy in my life.  I ask you to bless the heart of this person, who had some ill words cross his heart, mind, and mouth.  I pray you forgive him and urge him to seek you.  Thank you, in your name I pray…Amen.


3 thoughts on “Words have no power over me…”

  1. nice post…… i believe it is common norm of human its either love or hate you.Dont expect the world is a perfect place, theres still some out there people whom unkind enough say whatever they want even it hurt your feelings.That’s the reality of life you cant please everyone…..Glad you overcome that stage, coz me im still battling with that stage…
    Thanks for sharing

  2. Amen to that Rhosie…I just pray I can teach my son to learn the same things. Kids can be sooo cruel, and unfortunately those cruel kids sometimes never grow up. They grow into larger bodies but still act childish when they cut others down with words.

    Supermom…I think you’re so wonderful so know that no one has the right to think ‘less’ of you.

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