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Are U PG?

A blogging friend of mine, Joeprah, over at Anecdotes of a Stay At Home Dad just blogged about his badge of honor, and I wanted to post mine. He’s got his badge proudly displayed, which reads “Family Freindly”. Although my site technically pulled up as Adult Rated…it’s only because of a few harmless words that fell in the gray area. The word ‘shoot’ pulled up four times, but I was using it in the context of photography.

Needless to say, my site it not Family Friendly but I am still posting my badge proudly. You can check to see what your site is ranked at with this link.

structured settlements

Structured Settlements

One of his readers posted another link in the comment section that was also valuable. I think it’s amazing that you can pull up any website through this rating system to see what their content is rated…G, PG or otherwise. Hallelujah for all the parents out there who NEED to be monitoring the sites their children go to. So thank you to those of you out there that will start using these sites to double check what your children are viewing and reading.

Thankfully my son isn’t old enough to surf the web yet. By the time he is, I hope we have a better sense of security when it comes to what is out there waiting for us. Strict monitoring is the only way in current times to make sure our children stay safe. Please pass these links along to make others aware of them. They’re great tools for any blogger or parent.


1 thought on “Are U PG?”

  1. Surprise, surprise! Im family friendly. With some of the post on toilets and such I’m shocked!

    Scrolled down to your last post…you have REALLY shiny hair girl! Beautiful! 🙂

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