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Count them all

Turkey Day…Gobble Gobble Day…Thanksgiving….

We all focus so much on how much food to prepare, how many guests to expect, or how far we’re traveling…that we forget to really remember what it signifies. Most think about counting their blessings, but never get around to it. They’re thankful in general right? So writing them down isn’t really necessary…

I don’t agree. I say write them down…count them all and focus on what your truly thankful for during tomorrow’s preparations. You don’t have to list a certain number. Even if it’s one ‘thanks’ thats more than most really take the time to write down.

Here are mine:

1) Firstly I’m thankful to Christ for leading me every day, where I should follow Him. Some days I ignore his subtle call, but eventually he’ll tap at my heart loud enough that I can’t ignore his beckon any longer.

2) I’m thankful for safe travels of me, my family, and friends during this busy travel season.

3) I’m thankful to spend time with my family, and am so blessed to truly love each and every one of them to the bottom of my heart. I’m thankful for the good health of all my family members. We’re all so blessed to have one another.

4) I’m thankful God is giving me a new door to walk through soon (more on that in another blog). Again He constantly provides, even when I’m human and worry He won’t. Thank you God for not giving up on me!

5) I’m thankful that God led me to my husband of 7 years. We just had our 10 year ‘dating’ anniversary and I’m blown away at the time we’ve had together so far, and I can’t wait for the next generation with him. I am so thankful that I get to wake up each morning and spend my life with him.

6) I’m thankful for my son’s constant blessing in my life…his heart, spirit, and humor. I’m amazed each day at how amazing he is, and how my life wouldn’t be the same without him.

Okay now it’s your turn! Please list your blessings….count them all! It doesn’t have to be 6—just count them and list them in your blog. Please link back to me so that I may read what you’re thankful for in your life! Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

God bless you and enjoy all that turkey!!


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