3 steps to freedom

Rindy, over at Experiencing the Journey, posted about “What’s Holding You Back”. She said that we’re all in our cages, so to speak. Here’s an excerpt of what she said, in hopes that you’ll stop by and read her post:
—-Whether we are locked inside our “cages” or are relying on belief systems that can fall apart, we are being held back. To quote Kem Meyer, “Many times our sense of reality can get so tied up, polarized and distorted it is almost impossible to see which beliefs are working and which are holding us back”. From Matthew Turner, “cages often keep us from pursuing the hopes and dreams Jesus has placed in our hearts.”

Breaking free is not easy. It takes courage to confront ourselves and look at what beliefs and what cages are ingrained in us. Yet, we can’t fully love, completely give, be humble, or pursue and embrace the dreams until we do. Climbing out of the cages and having faith in a belief system that is solid gives freedom. It gives freedom to be who we were created to be and freedom to step into someone else’s life and make a difference. It’s tough, but it is so worth it!!—-

One of the comments I left her was: I think self evaluation is one of the hardest things in life to do…to be truly honest with yourself-about yourself. It’s one of the THE most important things when it comes from breaking free from your cage (or your excuses for your behavior). GREAT post! I’m glad I stopped by today.

I wanted to expound a little further though. Yes, it’s important to constantly be aware of how we are as humans every day, and how that not only effects us personally in everything do or don’t do…but also greatly effects the people around us.

I recently had a conversation with someone who was pushing a certain mindset on me, and in his attempted pep talk he said, “I get to wake up and impact people’s lives every day”. Now that in itself isn’t a bad thing — don’t get me wrong. I even wrote in my journal in my twenties: Every day the sun will rise, and everyday is a chance to change a life!

So I for one see where this person is coming from, but I have since learned it’s not about what I think should change someone’s life. This person is still making it all about him and his control over other’s lifes, and while self awareness and your impact is amazing knowledge, I think it should be about something totally bigger than that.

Being self aware to break free from your cage is only the first step. To recognize your ailment in life, and free yourself and your family from that chain by taking action is amazing. However as a Christian I want to make an impact by just being what God makes me. I no longer purposely wake up saying ‘Who’s life can I change today?’

I think waking up free from your cage is step number one. Step number two is setting your heart in the right place. And step number three? To take number 2 a little further…asking God to intercede and give you the perception of what HIS will for you his for the day. To ask Him to prompt you to do what He would have you do each day for His plan in your life and for others. Just being emotionally and spiritually tapped in to what He wants will be the catalyst to change not only in your life but EVERYONE’S around you.

Setting yourself free from your cage will take lots of prayer. Ask God what it is in your life that is holding you back. Is is your mindset about someone particular in your life? Is it your bitterness about your job? Is it your focus of your lack of money? Or is it past trauma that you just can’t move past?

These are all things that will continue to mold you and your behavior, which ripples into others lives and how they treat you. Ask God for help, and take purposeful steps to rid yourself of that chain around your heart. Then wake up ready for what His will for your life is. It’s a long journey to this place…but the freedoms are amazing.

I backtrack most days.  It’s definitely a work in progress, but what isn’t?  None of us are perfect, and I’m far from it. I let the bitterness of certain things in life temporarily take back over, and then I have to stop, take note, and pray for God to take it from me. I know I need God’s help and direction in these areas of my life. When I finally let go and give it over, the peace that’s given is truly the most amazing feeling in the world.


1 thought on “3 steps to freedom”

  1. Great thoughts. Always remember that two steps forward and one step back is still moving forward…God can do amazing things ‘if we let Him’! Thanks for the link!!

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