faithful fridays

Faithful Friday 11-2-07

This week I’m so thankful for my son’s PRE-K teacher.  Although I never thought to pray before hand to make sure He placed my son with someone who would be perfect for him, God as always provides.  My son’s teacher is such a doll, and at parent-teacher conference today I got to hear of all the wonderful things she’s implementing in class.

Today I give thanks to God for surrounding my son with Christian authority.  Each day, my son’s around people that I truly trust his care to, and they truly adore him as much as I do.   Thank you Lord for providing for me and my family…exactly what we need….even when I forget to ask.


2 thoughts on “Faithful Friday 11-2-07”

  1. I often do thank God for all the things unseen things that He has done throughout my day…Things I don’t ask for that I just know He has moved in.

    It makes such a huge difference when your kiddo has a good teacher! I’m glad for you AND your son!

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