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Faithful Friday 10-26-07

I think my life is set on FAST FORWARD.  You ever see that movie with Jim Carrey, where he hits FF through his life?  That’s how I feel lately.  I’ve not stopped to take a lunch break for a week, and my devotions have slipped a little to the side.  Okay lets see…I’ve done devotions one night out of the last 4.  I’d say they’ve slipped majorly to the side.

Tonight I will set more time aside just for Him and our time, before bed time.  And I know God will warmly welcome me with open arms.  Although I don’t run off and binge into bad behavior, when I don’t have my alone time with God, I do forget to make Him a priority when I get busy.  Thankfully He is faithfully there waiting, to receive me when I snap back into reality.

You see the reality of this life is that most of us are just too busy to make time for a relationship with God.  But the sweet reality of Christ is that he loves us so much, he’ll wait until we come to him on bended knee in prayer.

If you’re spinning through life, like I have in the last 2 weeks, I hope you’ll make it a priority to take 5 minutes out of your day for God’s presence in your heart and life.  He’s faithfully waiting for you…Will you be faithful in your quest for Him?


6 thoughts on “Faithful Friday 10-26-07”

  1. Amen to that! I get grouchy and have little peace, when I’m not doing what I should spiritually. Plus…I won’t sleep through the night…and that really sucks.

  2. My soon-to-be husband and I were just talking about how we’ve gotten lax in making time to read our Bible together in the mornings. It always makes our days go so much better!

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