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Boys Club in Corporate America

How many women can raise their hands in agreement that this is a real phenomenon? It’s not something imagined by the female work force. It’s something the male pack will try to sweep under the rug, while they hire the females out of EEO, and then go about recruiting more men into their elite club.

It’s noticed every time a man, who’s less skilled and been in a position shorter than his female co-workers, gets the coveted promotion. It’s especially noticed when it’s leaked that he got the notification of his new job over drinks the night before, the official announcement at the office the next day. A night prior, where no female co-workers were invited.

It’s noticed especially in this post where women are discriminated against because they’re the care takers of the family. So when the kids get sick, this mom (first) worker (second) takes off work to nurture them back to health.

Understandably, I don’t want to be a man! I’m not jealous of the testosterone raging through their system and what those hormones offer. I love being a woman, who knows her abilities, and can do anything I put my mind too. I just get tired of most men in this world using that against us.

I think next time a male co-worker gets special treatment….I’m going to scream. I propose, we women, come up with our ‘HEAR ME ROAR’ Women’s Club. I’m not sure what we’d do to counteract except network with all the wives of our male conter parts. We’d have to swear them into our club so that when one of these men does something blantant, in the name of their club, they’d promise to withhold certain wifely duties indefinitely.

Obviously the above scenario is not an option. Obviously not all women face this issue. To be honest, I used to a whole lot more at my previous employer’s place of business than I do now. It’s just sad that it never trully goes away. There’s never a true balanced playing field. And I don’t know if that’s because when it comes down to it, all men (whether they admit it or not) back track to their animal instincts and think, “Me man…I hunt and kill. You woman… you cook and clean.” I don’t know if it’s just easier to communicate with their own sex, so they prefer to promote and support their own kind. What ever the cause, it’s still a sad thing to see a woman working a lot harder to prove herself and her male co-worker sitting back enjoying the fruits of his minimal labor.

****I apologize in advance for any offense anyone may take to this article. I by no means suggest that all men are this way. I know some very giving generous men, who would never retreat to this behavior. So please if you’re one of those wonderfully kind men, who are reading this….take no offense.


2 thoughts on “Boys Club in Corporate America”

  1. In Japan the highly qualified female corporate workers are given the job of preparing the tea or serving it to their male counterparts, I read somewhere. The discrimination is everywhere perhaps.

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