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Faithful Fridays

Children are such a blessing. Those, with out kids, will never know the impact these children make on parent’s lives. It’s just not possible to understand until you live your life as a parent. One can come close….but it’s not the same when you don’t experience watching your own child thrive and grow…or feeling the hurt when they stumble and fall. It’s a whole new world being a parent, and my life will never be the same. I wouldn’t want it to.

That hard edge of my personality came crumbling down, the second I became a mom. It was no longer about me and my wants. It was about something bigger…my son’s essence of life and his future. I became fully responsible for an entirely different life and lifestyle. Most mom’s embrace this…but sadly some mom’s don’t. I know it takes all kinds of different people to run this world, so I do not judge those who don’t ‘get’ it. I’m just glad I’m one of those mom’s who ‘do’ get it.

My mother, thankfully, got it too. If not for her, I may not have made it in one piece. She always told me that I would have two hyper active boys, that I’d have to chase after constantly, to pay me back for how hyper I was. I was the kid with long hair, in braids, doing cart wheels down the grocery aisles. She’d find me by listening for the click-click-click, from my pony tails holders hitting the floor, when my braids would coming whirling around. I was the kid that would see something and blurt out my first thought like, “mom that woman sure is ugly”, which would send my mother taking the fastest corner she could take in our grocery cart to get away and hide. I was that kid…lots of energy, honesty, and creativity. All that in one bundle usually is a recipe for disaster. I landed in the ER with serious injuries 3 times in a 3 month period. Not because my mom wasn’t watching out for me…but just because I was every where all at once in full stride.

My son is all of this but thank goodness for me hasn’t had the urge to push his limits when it comes to dangerous activity. He’s not the dare devil I was so far. He’s the kid that will do anything to make you smile, but that has trouble expressing his anger. He’s aggressive but sweet. He’s the kid that will stop a waiter, who’s flustered, to ask him if he’s frustrated. He truly wants to know how a stranger feels and why. Of course this ends up making the once stressed kid, waiting tables and having an obvious bad day, smile and take extra care in how he works his day. My son’s the kid that makes other’s day by just being himself.

Today’s faithful fridays is a message of contentment. God’s ever faithfulness in giving me the family I have and blessing me with each new day with all of them. The blessings my mother bestowed to me, to learn what a good mom is, have helped me nurture this wonderfully creative child, who’s got the sweetest spirit about him. Each day I learn about my mom, by walking in her shoes. And each day I learn about myself, by seeing my son walk in mine. It’s an important role we have as mothers or parents, because our kids watch everything we do…whether we know it or not. We need to be careful what we pass on to them, for their heritage and lineage.

I thank God that He’s blessed me with my family, and how much I learn from them every minute of the day. If it weren’t for Him in the center of it all, we wouldn’t have survived thus far!


9 thoughts on “Faithful Fridays”

  1. Great post. My husband was quite the daredevil – bridge jumping, rebuilding motors and just did everything ‘full throttle’. I am nervous about my son growing older and having the same ambitious spirit.

    I’ll be back to Faithful Fridays next week. : )

  2. “That hard edge of my personality came crumbling down, the second I became a mom”

    This is so true for me too. The soft side of me came out the day I became a mom

  3. Children change everything, and they are always watching you. Makes you want to be a better person, doesn’t it? Great post.

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