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Stripping Down to the Bare ….wall (what did you think I meant?)

More Home Improvement 101!

My house has had a dark hallway with wall paper, that I’m sure other’s would feel was very pretty but I haven’t been able to stand. It’s tasteful sure…but not my taste. The colors were beautiful, but too dark to give the first impression of my home as one of serenity. Instead when you walked in, you felt like you were in a cave.

About 4 years ago, I put one of those solar tubes in my roof to give it some light. I was hoping the mirror in this hallway would reflect the sun’s rays and give this hallway some light. It helped, but still felt depressing to me. So this year I’d had enough! I couldn’t wait to strip it all down! I thought it would be a simple job, but no no no! I should learn that nothing with me is easy.

My son, thankfully, loves to help. We scraped the paper, sprayed on the solution, and tried to scrape. Unfortunately, that magical solution which was supposed to loosen the paper was NOT working. Back up plan…I got out my shirt steamer and started to go inch by inch…steam and peel. Next, I found a lovely surprise underneath….80’s vintage baby blue flowers on pink paper that had been applied with industrial paste. The home builder had troweled on a super human paste that hermetically sealed the paper on it’s walls.

Finally, after 3 weeks of peeling two layers of nasty wall paper off, I got to take my trip to Lowes! My aunt gave me a gift certificate and it was just enough to pick my #61 Carmello Venetian plaster and all the tools I’d need! Yeah, I couldn’t wait to get home and start putting it on. One spatula swipe at time, I layered this awesome paint on my hallway walls. It went on fast….dried fast…and polished easy! This was well worth the hassle of stripping that crud off my walls!

Now I walk in and just stop and stare at my hallway. I’d be happy sitting in it for hours. In fact, I’m thinking of buying a small bench to set in the entry way. Not only does it look good, but by dumb luck I picked out a color that perfectly coordinates with the floor tile. I didn’t even think about the tile when I picked out my paint. I’m like that … I’ll see something and just sense it’ll work. I’m sure subconsciously my brain knew it would all work together.

I just had to put my pics up….I’m so content with my home.

Round 1

Round 2

The finished product…ahhhh! I still have some touching up to do around the doorways and woodwork…but here’s how it looks so far!


3 thoughts on “Stripping Down to the Bare ….wall (what did you think I meant?)”

  1. It’s very soothing. My husband keeps making fun of how I smile and stare at it for long periods of time. I just started stripping the kitchen wallpaper, which is the reverse copy of that horrid burgandy stuff. It’s white with burgandy and green floral. I was hoping it would just be one layer, but Nooooo that pink and blue crappy paper is under it as well. Looks like I got some good practice in with my hallway.

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