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Family Blessings

Today has been wonderful and I have such peace in my heart. My son’s team won their soccer game today, then we rushed home to finish the last minute pick up of our home in preparation for my husband’s birthday party. I had about 14 people in my home to celebrate my hubbie’s special day and watch football. It was pot luck, so we had all kinds of good munchies…mmmm. Gotta love pot luck! It was so pleasant to clean, prepare, and maintain my home for such a loving group of people. I’m one of the lucky ones…my in laws are as close to me as my family is. My husband feels the same way about my family. There’s no drama or bitterness, just humor, love, and respect for one another.

Tho only downside of the day was watching our Sooners play a game, with bad call after bad call. From each room, that had a television, I heard multiple screams at the refs, for their obvious partiality, and at OU…for not really showing up to play.

Today’s soccer game, prior to our family party, was an unusual one. My son’s team won, of course, but some of the players weren’t really engaged in playing soccer today. They were more interested in things like the butterflies that flew down the field, or how many pieces of grass they could pull. BUT that’s what you get with four year olds some days. Some days they’re in the zone to play, and others…they’re just zoning and playing. Either way…they had fun and it’s always fun to watch what unfolds.

These are the days I feel so blessed to be me and have my life. Thank you Lord for your constant blessings!


2 thoughts on “Family Blessings”

  1. Sounds like a great day! I love the picture of the kids playing in the grass in their uniforms. Happy birthday to your hubby!

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