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Smiles Abound

I don’t usually do too many meme’s but this one was too hard to pass up. Thanks to Don for awarding me this wonderful meme.Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

It got me thinking…what in life makes you smile? So I thought I’d list of few of life’s treasures, that are endearing to me, before I bestow this award to those that have the gift of making one smile through their blogs.

Those that have read me before know that I am a huge fan of counting your blessings…so this goes along those same lines.

Things that make me smile:

1) The whisper of God’s voice in my heart when He speaks to me. The reassurance I feel when I’m stressed or having a rough time. I know he’s always there and no matter how bad it gets, He makes me smile.

2) The sound of my husband’s voice when he’s had a good day.

3) My son’s spirit and general outlook on life. He’s four but so wise and still such a fun kid. The Lord is blessing him with balance and wisdom, and still providing him with so much wit. He makes me laugh daily!

4) The smell of my mom’s baking home-made rolls, when I walk in her home.

5) Little emails that my Dad and Aunt send me to let me know they’re thinking of me.

6) The ocean pounding the sand, and it’s breeze whipping through my hair. (West Coast or Hawaii)

side note: East coast beaches really don’t make me smile…they smell like fish rather than salty ocean. 🙂

7) My sister’s smart alec tough exterior, and her warm tender heart inside. She’s a beautiful person inside and out, and just being around her makes me smile.

8) My new garden…every time I pull up and see it’s growth and explosion of color, I smile!

9) When my son jokingly states, “You’re gonna get a kowabunga right in the ‘bahookie’ if you misbehave.” It’s a saying he got from my sister’s boyfriend, who also makes me smile.

10) Having my family together and happy always makes me smile. Thank you Lord for our good health and happiness!

Instead of simply passing this along to others and asking them do forward it on. I thought I’d change it up a little. To those I pass it on to, please list 10 things that make you smile. Give us insight on your blessings, which will make us all stop and think about our own.

To those that make me smile when I read your blog, thank you!!!

A not so desperate housewife, a woman who has some tough times coming up sooner than she’d like. She’s got a great attitude and I know she’ll keep it all together as her husband is off to serve our country! She’s a blessing and makes me smile daily.

Teri, whose humor always amazes me. She’s constantly coming up with a new angle to her blog, that allows any reader to get caught up in her wit. Teri is someone definitely worth stopping by.

Cakehead, who I have met through Cre8Buzz always makes me smile. Who wouldn’t smile for cake? She’s a true artist and can make any cake imaginable! Check her talent out!

Boogiemum, another great blogger and Cre8buzz friend, is always a good read. She has a sweet spirit about her, and is always captivating others on her blog.

So ladies…enjoy your award….you all make me smile. Smiles Abound!

side note: This replacing my usual Faithful Friday post! Faithful Friday will be back next week. Stay tuned….


8 thoughts on “Smiles Abound”

  1. Aww, thanks so much! I love making cake (well, sometimes I think I don’t. Usually when I’m in the middle of a project that’s too big for me. And then it’s done, and I love it again.), and I’m glad they can make people smile. Thanks for making ME smile. 🙂

  2. Thank you! You are so encouraging. I’ll get on this meme as soon as I can. I like the changes that you added to it. 🙂

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