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Unleashing a Hobby

A couple months ago, I started a photosite to showcase some of my photos, that has since decided to go under. My intial thought was to set this sight up to allow visitors to purchase my pictures and generate some business. Some of you may remember when I posted that I was thinking of starting up a side business with photography. I wanted something slow and steady to supplement my sporadic commissions that may roll in or…not.

Growing up around my grandfather’s dark room, the love of photography has always been in my heart. A great photo is an emotional tie to those people and places we love. It helps preserve that special moment in time forever! Photography blesses us all daily. So this would be a dream that allows me to enrich lives with the art of photography.

Since this photosite closed their web services down, I’ve been stuck in limbo on what to do or how to start. My sister’s boyfriend solved that problem. He’s kicking my butt in gear by having me shoot his son’s race this weekend. He told me, “You may want to get a domain name and have prices/business cards ready…just in case.”

“In case….?” I replied.

“Well, parents will see you initially with me…and then see that you’re off shooting my kid. It may open up the flood gates for you if they see a photographer out there shooting. If they ask how much you charge, you should be prepared.”

Man, I wasn’t seeing the big picture at all. I was just going to shoot his son at his latest BMX race. It may not amass to anything…or my sister’s boyfriend may be right and it may get me the start I need. He said parent’s are always looking for ways to get pics of their kids, but can never do it themselves due to the races.

I got on and registered for my domain name, which of course was taken. Almost every version of my business name was. So I got creative to find a name that was a available and bought it!

It would be nice if I could actually get some business this weekend. Thanks to my sister’s man that I even have this opportunity, and thanks to God for blessing it! I’ll keep ya posted!


4 thoughts on “Unleashing a Hobby”

  1. That’s exciting! I used to know a site that you could get business cards for cheap but can’t remember what it is now, if I remember or find a card I’ll let you know.

    Are you going to share your website with us?? It would be great to see your work!

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