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Faithful Fridays

Today could have been a day that I woke up grumpy. Any day could be with the sleep problems I have, but especially today. My husband gets up before I do and I usually am easily woken while he gets ready for work. It’s usually right on time to get my son up and ready for school. Today that didn’t happen.

I guess my hubbie didn’t think to actually ‘wake’ me up if I was still asleep by the time he was getting ready to leave. No matter that my son’s school was due to start in 20 minutes. It’s not his responsibility to know this, so I don’t place any blame on him at all! He’s so tired when he wakes up too, that it’s all he can do to get himself ready to stumble out the door for his own day.

I literally had 10 minutes to make my son’s lunch, get him up and ready, get his school fund raiser packet/money together, and throw clothes and a ball cap on to drive him to school. Oh yeah, and get him instant breakfast for the drive since I had no time to get him a real breakfast.

Some mom I am huh?

Okay… so the 10 minutes I had turned into 20. He wanted a shoe spoon to get his shoes on. I couldn’t get the totals to add up in his fund raiser packet with what the money total was in the envelope. I only had PB&J for sandwich material, and one of his classmates has peanut butter allergies. So peanut butter is banned.

I gave up on the mismatching money totals, and threw it all together in the envelope. I threw in grapes, fig newtons, and 2 slices of child sized pizza in my son’s lunch box. (These are the days I regret not buying the school lunch program!) I packed his back pack, and headed us out the door.

Thankfully my husband helped my son get dressed this morning, which helped out a lot! My four year old usually dresses himself, but he when getting up with 10 minutes to spare…he is a little lacking in the energy department.

This all being said….

What could have been an angry stressed morning turned into a beautiful memory I’ll never forget. God blessed me 10 fold once we got to school and walked in (side note: with no make up, obvious of the fact that I recently awoke).

My son didn’t want to walk down his hall without wearing his back pack. He is so proud to be a big kid now. And when we got to his room, he ran in without giving me a second thought! He handed his pack to his teacher, and immediately jumped into the creative art activities planned for the morning. Of course he totally forgot about me. I got no kiss or goodbye, but what I did get what the joy of seeing my son’s happiness to be at school.

I would have never experienced seeing him in the classroom setting if we’d not been late this morning. Usually when getting there, on time, we pull up to the school’s front door and he’s escorted in to his classroom. Today I got to watch him start drawing and painting, with excitement and joy. I felt completely blessed by God knowing my son was in such a great environment.

As a new parent of one, each new step is amazing. First you can’t imagine him with a sitter, and having a night to yourself. How can you leave your baby? You just have to have the faith that God will provide you with a great sitter, and the wisdom to enjoy your alone time. Then you can’t imagine what it’ll be like when he starts walking, and you just have to have faith that you’ll be able to lead your child in the right direction when he does. Through each new ‘first’ in your child’s life, you have faith that God will grant you wisdom to handle whatever situation arises. Heck, I just pray I don’t screw it all up!

Around age 3 I started wondering…how do parents let go and send there little ones to school? Should it be public or private? School bus or carpool? There are so many variables that it’s hard to fathom it coming to fruition. Suddenly they’re four and five and it’s upon you! I am so glad God has led me to the right school and organization, that is able provide not only a great education but a secure environment for my son to grow in.

Frustrated Friday turned into a Faithful Friday in a second when I saw him smiling, eager to be with his class and teacher. Thank you Lord for providing the perfect teacher and classmates for him for his first semester at his new school.


2 thoughts on “Faithful Fridays”

  1. Aw, how fun to get to see that. My sister is a preschool teacher and just loves the kids’ imagination & excitement about growing up at that age. That sounds like a frantic morning for sure, but I’m glad you didn’t let it get your whole day down. My son would be so sad if he couldn’t have his peanut butter nanich {sandwich}, he decided a while ago that he doesn’t like jelly on them anymore. I’ve heard cream cheese is a good substitute for the peanut butter. I’ll be putting my son in part day preschool in January and am excited/dreading the day all at the same time.

  2. Great thoughts today (as always) –
    I love reading about how people take what could have been and turn it right side up.

    Kudos to you — and thanks for sharing it with us. Might come in handy one day this week when things start off stutter-stepping.

    Phil —

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