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Garbage In — Garbage Out

garbageA long time ago I worked at Chili’s restaurant as a hostess. During down times I got to socialize with the wait staff between cleaning up. There was one waiter in particular and I couldn’t tell you his name, but he was older than the rest of us. Mostly the Chili’s crew consisted of 18-21 year olds, who liked to work hard and play hard. This was back in my drinking days and after hours we’d all hang out.

This one waiter, nameless but I could pick him out of a line up if I had to, was a Christian. He was out of college, married, and working hard to support his family. He wasn’t like the rest of us, who were just there to have a fun job and to get a paycheck. I was a Christian as well, but fell from my faith and my ‘walk’ for a short time in life. This was during that time.

One day we were talking and he said something that although I didn’t agree with wholeheartedly, I’ll never forget. We were discussing our faith and backgrounds. I told him how hard it was to keep up my walk at my age, and how I just wanted to have fun. He said he knew where I was coming from, and did things to make sure he kept a straight walk on a daily basis. He said, “That is why I only listen to KLOVE, a Christian Radio station. I fully believe…’garbage in — garbage out’.”

I thought…yeah how could something as simple as music make an impact on your daily walk. After all music is harmless! I listen to my radio station and all the popular music and that doesn’t make me a bad person. I kind of dismissed it and went on my way.

Now that my husband left his previous job as a radio air personality and went to work in Promotions, at a local company in town, I’ve pretty much stopped listening any secular radio. I still have a few CD’s I’ll pop in now and then, or will switch to an 80’s station when I’m in the mood for AC, but for the most part only listen to what will be healthy for mind and spirit.

The main reason I started listening to Christian music is because my son’s in the car with me most of the time. I don’t want him hearing how lover’s meet secretly in the night, or how someone wants to rock someone else’s body….or how sexy someone is. He’s four and I am not comfortable with that message in his brain at this point in his life.

After he was born I started listening to KLOVE…just when he was with me. Then last year, when my husband quit his jock position, I started listening to it full time. I have to say that little waiter’s comment—‘garbage in–garbage out’—makes a whole lot more sense now. And if he hadn’t planted that seed all those years ago, I wouldn’t quite understand the impact it’s making now.

My daily walk with God is so much more fulfilling and purposeful when I hear His message all day. I get to have that peace on a daily basis, with a song telling me of HIS love for me. It’s so much easier to keep my path straight….and have a lamp at my feet when I am putting a good message in…therefore a good result comes out.

If you haven’t checked KLOVE out…you should. They’re all over the place. Check their website for where they are on your dial locally. Plus they have a contemporary sister station, Air1, which I turn to when the same Christian songs start repeating. They’re both good options. And if you give it a month, you’d be surprised how much more peace you’d find in your life too!

Side note: for those of you out there that think Christian music can’t be cool, check out TOBY MAC’s Myspace page. He’s my son and my favorite artist. My son knows every word of his songs. He rocks!


11 thoughts on “Garbage In — Garbage Out”

  1. I haven’t found KLOVE out here, but listen to WAY FM & love it. I’ll still flip through occasionally and listen to other stuff but most of the time it’s on the same channel. My son likes “Strong Tower” by Kutless and was trying to sing it on his own even though another song was playing. Then he came home & pulled out his drumsticks. 🙂

  2. It is amazing isn’t it!? The seeds we plant, and how they effect others.I’m sure that nameless man, would be so glad to know he’d been used by God to make a difference in your life, and now, even through out your family.
    Praise God! And His many blessings to your family!

  3. Yes he rocks and so does Christian music. Now more than ever, God is raising talented and anointed youth and ministers in music. I’m thankful b/c there was a time this was not so.

  4. To both Tims, glad you logged on. I look forward to reading your blogs as well…Keep me posted on your future posts.
    Jarvis, thank you for always leaving such nice comments. I appreciate you!
    Dulce, I agree. I’m so glad that there’s a whole new market out there for the music! It’s such a blessing esp. compared to the old style music of our parent’s era….yawn!

  5. This is so true. I have a 2 1/2 year old and he understands everything. I am careful what I listen to and what I watch on TV. You can’t be too careful.

    I used to listen to KLOVE when I lived in Oklahoma City and loved it. I have since found it online. We also love Air1, too. I now live in Detroit and there aren’t many good Christian music options. Online is the best way for us to get spiritually fed from music. Thanks for a great post and reminding me of the importance of the garbage in, garbage out philosophy.

  6. I am so glad to hear other people say that what you listen to does matter. When my kids were little, we only listened to “oldies” on regular stations and to mom-approved CDs. When you really listen to what the words are saying, so many songs are frankly, just disgusting. Thanks for the words of wisdom!

  7. Robyn and Motherwise,
    You can always listen to either station online, when at home or work. Click on either link in the blog, and it’ll take you to their home pages. They have a ‘listen’ option that will allow you to listen through the computer.

  8. My husband almost got a job for KLOVE. It wasn’t the path God had in mind is it was fine. Man you do make me think when I read your blog. I like my other kind of music but its true what do I want my son to learn…

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