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Playin’ Hookey!

Okay, you caught me. I’m playin’ hookey from church today. It’s the first day in months that I’ve missed and I have a good reason. Over a week of no sleep and I’m dog tired.

If you link to my wornoutwoman site, you’ll know how many hours my husband has been putting in at work. Because of this my son, who is four, has started saying things to his dad like, “I love you, but I love my mommy much more!”

It breaks my heart to see my son distancing himself from my husband. I know it’s a kid thing and he’ll come back around, but with my husband’s work schedule lately…it doesn’t leave much father and son bonding time.

So another reason I’m skipping, is to give the two of them guy time. I usually help out in Children’s Church to be with my son and hang out with all his adorable friends. They needed the volunteers, and it felt natural to help out in that area. So my husband will take my spot today and get to have quality time with his son! Afterwards, they’ll go out to lunch-just the two of them. Then they’ll probably go indoor putt putt golfing somewhere. My son loves to golf!

So yes, I skipped today…for a selfish reason of being worn thin, but also to give my son something he really needs right now….Daddy time!


1 thought on “Playin’ Hookey!”

  1. That is a great photo. I hope they enjoyed their father-son time today. It’s good to take a break from things {even church} once in a while to rest if you need to. I know of a church that if you sign up for any ministry you agree to not miss one single Sunday, unless it’s for an emergency or serious health issue. No kidding, no vacations {at least not on Sunday} – I completely disagree with that. I hope you both get tomorrow off as well and can spend a nice day with the family.

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