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Faithful Fridays 8-31-07

My friend, Terri, and I have been exchanging our blessings each day for 7 days. It was a suggestion to help us remember the positives in life. Obviously I had a slightly down day yesterday. Anyone reading yesterday’s post could easily tell that. She faithfully sent her 7 blessings in her life to me today, and the last one was:
7) My house is a big cluttery mess and it isn’t bugging me in the least right now 😉

It not only made me smile, but inspired me to share my list with all of you today for Faithful Friday. I try to focus on my positives every day. Showcasing my blessings vs. pinpointing my curses is what gets me through life. Thanking God every day for the little things and the big things is how I know every day that He’s watching out for me.

So to all of you, here’s my 7 blessings that I listed for today’s message to Terri. They’re not big revelations…in fact some are silly, but they’re blessings all the same. And I thank God every day for each blessing in my life. His gifts, big and small, are to be cherished.

Thanks for the last one on your list. I had a little down moment yesterday obviously…it happens to all of us. I’m glad you’re still making your list.

1) Forgot it was a three day weekend till I saw your WOOHOO I have a three day weekend!

2) Today is Friday, and I’m working with no make up on and in jeans!

3) My son woke me up today after me not sleeping all night. I could have woken up grouchy, but how could I when he wakes me up with such a sweet smile and a hug?

4) Did I say it’s Friday?

5) My husband told me how beautiful he thinks I am and it made my week. I am blessed that he is so expressive on a regular basis.

6) This month has been the best month I’ve had in my job, in sales. I am blessed to have not worried how I was going to pay my bills.

7) I have peace in my heart most every day with the knowledge that God is there, even when I am not deserving. That makes everything else pale in know everything is life is going to be okay even when it gets tough.

Every single person that reads this today, please list your 7 blessings today on your site! Make it a Faithful Friday blog and link back to my site. I want to read what you know you’ve been blessed with. Thanks and I look forward to reading up on you!


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