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After a little hard work

I posted a blog about our lack of curb appeal a while back, showing some pics of our lovely (not) bushes in front of our home. I just wanted to give an update and show you our updated look.  Our home has been repainted, and my hard working husband has toiled his summer away between all the rains to get our landscaping done.

Unfortunately the rains gave us no time left to plant anything for summer, except for a few hardy plants, so come fall I’ll be planting some more.

If you clicked to the last blog, you’ll see a vast difference in our curb appeal.  Yeah!  I’m loving my home again.

All that’s left now is to paint the entry way by the middle of next month.  First I have to finish stripping the wall paper though.  It’s a daunting task with 2 layers of wallpaper from the 1980’s…UGH, and it’s a serious strain to get off.


3 thoughts on “After a little hard work”

  1. That looks so good! I look forward to having a house to fix up. {I know, I say that now} Have you tried using a steamer to help lift the wallpaper? Good luck with that!

  2. Thanks to you both. Actually I have a shirt steamer that I have been using for the entry way, and it’s still a tough stripping job. They must have used industrial paste on the original wallpaper!

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