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A Surprising Find

I had to post this here as well as one of my other sites-Restaurant Alert. It was just to cool not to share.

Shiki Restaurant in OKC has always been a great place for lunch. I’ve been a few times, but with so many Japanese restaurants to choose from here in the metro it’s hard to remember which one I like best. It has always been good, but not someplace that stood out for me as exceptional.

We went last week again for my dad’s birthday. He’d never gone and had driven by a few times, curious to what it was about. I looked forward to trying it again to see how they handled my husband’s food, as he’d never been either.

If any of you have read through this site, than you know my husband’s food allergy situation. Wheat is not only a danger, but a threat to his existence. So anything cooked on a hibachi with Soy sauce would be detrimental to his health. Usually at most Japanese places, we struggle to communicate to the cooks who don’t speak much English. We cross our fingers and hold our breath that no cross contamination happens with my husband’s food.

Shiki exceeded my hopes for a night out with my family. We had no communication barrier, as the cook spoke excellent English. Instead of cooking my husband’s food ‘special’, which would leave me watching the grill the whole time to make sure his food stayed seperate, he cooked all ours special to make sure no one had to watch out for anything.

All our food was cooked with butter, and olive oil with no soy sauce. Now all we had to do was sit back and enjoy the show he put on, rather than sitting and waiting to see how how the ‘special’ food was cooked. He took such good care of us and it left us all relaxed and able to celebrate what we were really there for.

I ordered the Hibachi Chicken, which is the most delicious thing I’ve ever tasted. Whatever I’d ordered in the past, was surpassed by this night’s dinner. It was exceptional and I can easily say that now they stand out as a place I’d remember to return to. In fact, I’m getting hungry just thinking about my meal.

The most enjoyable surprise was the melon soda at the end of the evening…

When I lived in Japan, we had concession machines on the side of the road that held everything from beer to soda’s. You could just pull your car over, drop in some yen, and keep on driving with your cold beverage. My favorite drink was this cool glass bottle of honeydew or melon soda, with a marble sealing up the top.

To open it, you had to push the marble down, which fell into place and would roll back up as you sipped to keep the liquid from spilling out to fast. It tasted awesome and it was a novelty item that was just too cool.

…I saw some couples ordering this same melon soda across the room, and almost did back flips. Could it be? My favorite drink from Japan? The bottle was the same, but surely it wasn’t the same flavor!?

We ordered a couple, and it tasted just like I remembered. It instantly took me back to a charmed time in life, and I felt 17 again sitting on an island drinking in island life.

If you’re in town you need to head to Shiki at either location, not just for their food and service, but to try their Japanese soda.

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Shiki Japanese Restaurant
14041 N. May Avenue s Oklahoma City, OK 73134  s  Phone: 405-751-8989  s  Fax: 405-751-8912
4406 W. Reno Avenue s Oklahoma City, OK 73107 s Phone: 405-947-0400

4 thoughts on “A Surprising Find”

  1. This sounds like a great restaurant! I’m glad they took such good care of your husband’s food and you were able to enjoy your meal without worry. I didn’t realize soy sauce had wheat in it even. The drink looks like so much fun. I’ll have to keep my eye out if I’m ever in a Japanese restaurant.

  2. Well, this melon soda sounds too delicious! My choice is to drive to the Japanese food store in the next town and cross my fingers that they have melon soda, or drive to OKC :-). Here’s hoping they have it nearby. Can’t wait to try it!


    Your Friends at Nameless, Faceless Love

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