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Erin’s Tour of Oklahoma

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I know we’ve all been curious about all the crazy weather patterns across the country…but a tropical storm in Oklahoma?? Really??

This weekend I slept as wind thrashed at my windows. Thunder ripped through the air so loud, it sounded like my roof was coming off! I thought, ‘Good we’re getting some rain from the storm down south!’ I never imagined it would re-group and the eye wall would relocated over central Oklahoma!

Who knew a tropical storm could hit the heartland with so much punch. I felt like I was back on the island of Okinawa during a mild typhoon. Tragically… lives were lost during the flooding, and many homes and businesses were completely damaged.

Does anyone wonder why so many things are happening in our world? Catastrophe after castastrophe keep hitting our world, and I pray it prompts people to seek God’s word for comfort. I only pray in times like these that people not only get the support they need, but the Christian outreach they need to lead them to the Lord…or lead them back to their faith.

Please pray for those in Oklahoma who’ve lost everything. Please pray for the families of those who’ve lost loved ones to the storm. Thank you!


2 thoughts on “Erin’s Tour of Oklahoma”

  1. I’ve been checking the news coverage & thinking of you [and some other bloggers from OK]. I hope you are still doing well and dry and not flooded. Oh and thanks for opening up the comments on this post!

  2. WordPress did some funny stuff yesterday. Comments got turned off automatically when I never turn them off. I had to manually change it to open it up. Thanks for checkin’ in on me!

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