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Lift This Up in Prayer

Each day I grow more uneasy as I hear of the rescue efforts in Utah. How long can you justify endangering the lives of so many others in such a dangerous rescue? How could you not justify it when it could save the lives of the trapped miners? What a tough decision to make!

Today 9 rescue miners were injured in abump, and now those families are in terror of the thought of losing their loved ones. How much longer can we cling to hope that they’ll find them alive when the air readings below are as low as 7 per cent? I’m urging all of you to pray for the miners below, that by some miracle they find some if not all of them alive. I’m urging you to pray for the resolve and safety of the rescue workers. It takes guts to take on that job with such dangerous consequences, as we’ve seen today.

Please lift everyone involved up in prayer. Thank you!


3 thoughts on “Lift This Up in Prayer”

  1. I was mopping my floors watching FOX news when I heard about this story again. I realized I heard about it last week when I mopped my floors. It’s really sad and I’m hoping that by some miracle the miners are safe but it’s hard to keep up hope when you hear the reports.

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