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Hints for Pesky Problem

This year some parts of the country have seen massive amounts of rain. One of the pesky issues in the aftermath of flooding or hard rains are all the mosquitos that swarm the area. Unfortunately my son is highly allergic to their bite. His leg will swell up with one bite. Last month he little ear swelled up twice it’s size from a little bite on his lobe. Poor little guy looked like the character from MAD magazine.

Some parts of my city have been sprayed for to downsize the manisfestation of these nasty bugs. Some water treatment plants drop pills or chemicals in their supply to kill the larva. These are great solutions, but the amount of pesky mosquitos are so large that they’re still on the attack.

A friend of mine shared a little hint that worked for her. She said she uses dryer sheets to rub down her skin and then place it under her shirt. The smell deters the mosquitos and she keeps from getting bitten. I checked the web to verify her solution. Try this link and be prepared to be amazed. Many links showed dryer sheets to be effective in repelling the mosquitos, but obvious West Nile Virus concerns are still a red flag. Dryer sheets won’t protect you from disease.

If you’re one that has been hit with the rain and the squitos…it’s worth your time. I will say that my friend swears by her dryer sheet theory…so you still may try it.


1 thought on “Hints for Pesky Problem”

  1. If you’re still getting rain you can send some of it this way. We haven’t had a decent rain in I don’t know how long. They have implemented rules for water conservation on post – no watering lawns or washing cars.

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