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Faithful Fridays 8-10-07

Seeing means believing for a lot of people. For me it’s completely different. The more I rely on God and my faith in Him and His son, the deeper peace I have in my soul. It’s like a chilled bottle of water on a hot balmy day. That peace is better than what is what like to get picked up from Kindergarten and running into my mother’s arms after a day of crying for her. That peace is deeper than the way my spirit lifts when my son grabs my face and tells me how beautiful I am and how much he loves me before hugging me tight.

The more I go by faith not by ‘sight’, the more peace that God blessed me with. This peace is something essential in my life, because God never promises an easy road. So when times are good, the blessings are obviously easier to point out. BUT when times are rough, that peace gets me through to the next day…the next blessing in my life.

Some time today let go of your sight…and make an effort to grab a hold of your faith. And when you do, fight to keep it!!!

One of my favorite blogging buddiesRebecca over at “A Not So Desperate Housewife” has started blogging her Faithful Fridays too. Please stop by to read her post. It’s very inspiring and heartfelt. She’s a truly amazing person, and I encourage you to read her blog. She also made this wonderful little button for today’s post which is so cute.
faithful friday


1 thought on “Faithful Fridays 8-10-07”

  1. “From glory to glory” as my former pastor’s wife would say. Great post.

    And I’m glad you like the button I made. I realized I forgot to put the filler in so I changed it a little.

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