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Shuttle launch

There are few moments in time that stand still for me. I remember where I was and what I was doing when former President Reagan was shot. I remember watching Joe Theisman’s leg snap, and watching the replay run over and over and over. And of course I remember watching the Challegner’s hopeful mission turn to disaster.

I was downstairs in our Virginia home with my entire family, watching in awe, as our country was about to send an amazing school teacher and it’s esteemed team of astronauts up in space. The blast came as a surprise, and it wasn’t really believable at first. No one expected it or knew how to face it. All I felt was a surreal sense of dread. I was a fourth grader, who felt the full impact of these stranger’s deaths. Seeing the Challenger’s last launch is a moment I will never forget.

Today, August 8th, the Endeavor is scheduled for lift off at 6:36:39 p.m. EDT. Please take a second to pray for their safety and guidance as they travel through space. Thank you!


2 thoughts on “Shuttle launch”

  1. I am Huge NASA fan and equally Appreciate teachers; Glad the two have been combined this go round with Barbara Morgan on board. May traveling mercies be with them.

    Blessings In Christ Sis

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