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Faithful Fridays 8-3-07

A few years ago I was diagnosed with a few sleep disorders, chronic insomnia being one of them. My lack of sleep was leading to health problems, and constant fatigue. A situation that didn’t lead to a very happy girl! A sleep study was done to determine my sleep patterns, my lack of R.E.M. and a few other things. I was prescribed Lunesta, which helped me start to sleep again.

Being a new mom, I was concerned about taking anything that would knock me out. This prescription was one that would let me awake when needed to tend to my son, and naturally fall back into a healthy sleep.

Now this isn’t a kudos to a drug, although it did help my body remember to sleep again. After 6 months of stepping myself off Lunesta, I quit cold turkey. As it’s not a narcotic, it has no dependency issues, but once your body has sleep it wants to keep doing to. Needless to say it caused anxiety to think about not taking the meds. My mind was so wound up at night that it literally would not shut off!

When making the decision to stop taking the sleeping pills to let my body try to do it’s own sleeping, I started praying, “Lord please bless me with sleep. PLEASE!” Somewhere I read in the back of my Bible, that when sleepless you need to pray a prayer of thanks for your blessings and God would grant sleep. I don’t think it was a Bible verse, but just a saying in the back of my good book. So I started there, with praying a prayer of thanks each night.

I started first and foremost, “thank you for blessing my whole family with a full night’s deep sleep,” and then I would pray a prayer of thanks for all my blessings. It took some time to see results, but after a few nights I started to notice that my mind was at ease. My soul felt at peace, and my spirit was at rest! Finally, I started sleeping complete on my own by the grace of God on a consistent basis without the aid of meds to do it.

I awoke today from one of those deep sleeps that lasted all night, and was refreshed. It’s a whole new chapter in my life that has been attributed solely to a good night’s sleep. Thank you Lord for your ever faithfulness in providing a good night’s rest. It’s worth more than a 1000 pounds of solid gold.


2 thoughts on “Faithful Fridays 8-3-07”

  1. Yesterday hubby had off and I forgot what day it was…I checked your blog but this wasn’t posted yet. I’ll post next Friday.

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