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OK Weather

The weather in every state is hit or miss lately, which results in weather ‘events’.

For example: record heat in California = wild fires
23 straight days of rain in Oklahoma = record flooding

Oklahoma has always been known for it’s weird weather, but these rains are very extreme. I am thankful that there haven’t been any tornado activity accompanying them! Please pray that the rain moves west to calm the California heat wave. Those are the kind of waves I wouldn’t want to catch in California, and they need a break from the heat….especially the elderly! And…we need a break from the rain!

Please Lord drive this rain west. Give those in California a much needed cool breeze and rain storm. Give us relief so that those in the flooded areas can rest safely. Thank you…Amen.


3 thoughts on “OK Weather”

  1. This has been one thing I haven’t missed about California. The summer temperatures can be extreme and miserable. I hope your rain stops and tornadoes stay at bay.

  2. Ha! I forgot about that. I guess since I wasn’t commuting much the last couple years of living there.

    Oh and I do have a myspace, I don’t do much on it but it’s there. The URL is I wasn’t sure what slide show you were talking about so please send me a message with it so I can check it out.

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