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Faithful Fridays

This is a little late…but I always say better late than never! The last two days have been crazy! I just got back from Savannah, GA, which was extraordinary! So I haven’t had any time to blog in about a week or so.

So what is my Faithful Friday issue today?

Easy….Thank you GOD for safe traveling mercies through the flooding rain and storms. When we all left for the airport on Wednesday, we were concerned how we were going to get home. We knew most of us would have delayed flights. My flight connected in Cincinnati, OH where it was scheduled to leave at 8PM. Cincinnati had some local storms as well which left my co-worker and me sitting in the airport until after mid night due . At one point every person, already on planes, was instructed to evacuate their planes and  stay inside due to lightning. I fully expected rains in OKC, but never expected to have to wait out storms where I was connecting.

Most people in the terminal were obviously frustrated and audibly grumbling. I’m not saying I was immune to it! I was tired, from lack of sleep and travels…so the delays weren’t welcome ones, but at some point I had to give it over to God. I knew how much I had prayed for safe travels, as my family had been doing for me. So I turned to my new friends, as those all waiting on my flight had bonded quickly, and said, “There is obviously some reason to stay and wait it all out. I prayed to God for traveling mercies, so this is what must be!” A few nodded they’re heads. Some ignored it. But their grumbles became few and far between and the conversation started to be extremely pleasant. We all cracked out the air plane blankets and shared pictures of where we’d all traveled to that week, exchanged numbers, and relaxed for the duration of our wait.

We left a little after midnight and flew safely and smoothly home. With all the storms, we had zero turbulence! God has a wonderful way of delivering you some wonderful experiences, even through what could be very trying times.

I already received an email from one of those people on my flight inviting me to lunch this week. Sometimes God answers prayers…and gives you a few surprise gifts along the way. So as tired as I am…I’m so thankful for God’s faithfulness!

If you read last week’s blog, you’ll know some of my concerns. I needed to produce a certain amount to make my month. Although I didn’t hit the magic number, I did land a few last minute accounts that helped bulk up my measly numbers for the month. Sales are always cyclical, as anyone who’s been in sales knows.  You have a few good months and than a bad one. This was my bad one…but I’ll quickly ramp back up to better revenue soon. With my back troubles and my 4 day trip, it left little time left over to get work done.  Thanks be to God for giving me what little I had, as I wasn’t able to get much done this month.

On a side note:

Oklahoma has had 16 days of flooding rains. Today it rained so hard that it accumulated 3 inches of rain in one minute! Lakes are closed. Roads are over run with 6 inches of water or higher. Cars are getting stranded. It’s a little crazy here! AND mosquitoes are rampant!

Please keep our little state in your prayers. We need a little relief…especially when there are so many states out there that are in desperate need of water. Usually we’re the state that prays for rain….now I pray it moves on to other areas in need!

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