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Before and After

We’re trying to improve our curb appeal as inexpensively as possible. We want to sell our home in a few years, and by then we’re relying on faith that I’ll have the income needed to build our next house. We moved into this one in a matter of a days.

My husband and I lived in a rental property after we were married. Unfortunately for us it became a sick house, full of mold that made my husband deathly ill. One key sign was the green gunk that began pouring out of our old pug’s eye sockets, when he’d sit over the floor vents to cool off.

The mold had saturated the vent system through out the entire place. There was a crack in the foundation, which water leaked into one winter. When the heat came one…it boiled it up and it became mold soup, as I refer to it. By the summer it had grown and multiplied. Our dog’s gunky eye balls became our first clue that something was wrong. My husband’s near death health was the next.

Our landlord refused to fix the foundation and clean up the mold problem. By October, we had no choice but to move and move quick. My husband wouldn’t survive the winter in a house, where the heat was essentially cooking the mold. We got pre-qualified in a day. The market was very slim, and we had few choices. Thankfully my dad is a realtor, and he knew the in’s and out’s of the system. He found the best of the best out there, for what we could afford…which wasn’t much. We found our new home in a week, and moved in quickly.

It was as if God had it held out there, waiting for us. The previous owners already had an offer on it, but we gave them the asking price…which happened to be exactly what we were pre-qualified for. Again…another blessing. The house was in immaculate condition. You know you’ve got a good one, when you look through the garage and the owner has his tools and power equipment spotless, organized, and labeled.

Although thankful for this home, it’s not the house of my dreams. As a newly wed, when you’re supposed to be discovering the beauty of the relationship…..I was dealing with the ‘in sickness’ part of my vows way to early. Having to help him recover didn’t leave me much energy to pour into decorating inside or out. I was too overwhelmed to even think about it. Then we got pregnant and most out there now how that takes all your effort and energy…it did mine for 3 1/2 years.

Not that the house needed much. It was decorated well inside. It’s just not my taste. The outside however has lots to be desired, so we’re finally at the point to take care of it. We got some border stones for free, from a family member who was going to toss his if he couldn’t get someone to haul them off for him. We gladly volunteered. They’re nice heavy white stones, that are squared like bricks and textured.

My mom bought a lot of plants for my birthday present 2 weeks early. She only brought over 1/2 of them. The ground cover is to come. I plan on doing a lot of landscaping…bit by bit.



The border stones are almost finished. We still have a few more flowers/plants to put in. It’s a little after season, but it’s been so wet and cool that it’ll still be okay. We also have to put mulch in as well.  Now you can see my home!AFTER

4 thoughts on “Before and After”

  1. How beautiful! So sorry for the trials lieading up to it all, but WOW is God faithful! WONDERFUL testimony to His provision and great love! (((((HUGS))))) sandi

  2. Cool story about Christly Love Merging two people into one & taking vows to heart… literally. He Is Faithful Indeed!

    On the landscaping, I really like the border stones… that is a nice touch!

    Blessings In Christ Sis

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