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Faithful Fridays

Wow! It snuck up on me again..and I have the bags under my eyes to prove it! Although sunglasses will do a great job for covering them!

It’s easy to see how blessed I am this week. God provided traveling mercies for little ol’ me. 500 miles of rural boring driving, full of flooding, strangers, and long roads. And my engine light came on early morning on the second light of my trip. I had to drive 4 hours home to get it taken care of, but without a hitch. God is good! The last thing I would of wanted or needed, was to be stranded on the side of a 4 lane road with nothing in sight. I do have free road side assistance, but it would have taken hours to get at tow truck and it was HOT!

Although my work trip was necessary, it was a service to certain districts. My company was providing a free service and my job was to set as many companies up on it as I could, but use that open door to consult on other opportunities that would help their business, to make some profit. I wanted to make sure I helped as many businesses as I could receive a free service, but I also didn’t want leave empty handed.

The last three months at work has been a trial: Bronchitis 6 weeks starting in April, my son hospitalized in May, and my back (which is now in PT) went out this month. Needless to say my pipeline for this month was weak. God blessed my pipeline as it fell in place for April and May, but I didn’t have much left for June. I just kept praying God I know you’re going to bless my hard work this month.

I left with one contract from my two day road trip, which isn’t a big one…but it all adds up. If I can just make it to 6K for the month I will be happy, and I’m stating that I know God will bring me close if not fully there. Right now I’m at 2,800K. My faith will not be shaken!

Next week, I go on a 4 day trip (all expenses paid) for work. Great…but it leaves me no time for work when Im in GA and my client base is in OK. So I only have today and Friday the 29th to get it! God will help me make it happen…no doubt about it!

I ask that if you’re led to pray for me, that you do so. Thank you so much!

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