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Curb Appeal

In a couple of years we plan on selling our humble little home and upgrading. Our little fixer upper needs a little fixing up first though. Although in great condition, it needs a few minor tweaks and spit polishing. In the next two years we need to:

*Paint exterior of home and do minor repairs.

*Paint interior of home and steam clean the carpets.

*Strip the wall paper and choose the color of choice to paint the kitchen and entry way.

*Fix the landscape of the front (curb appeal) and landscape the side and back of the home.

We’ve already done some things like replacing the wooden fence that surrounds the perimeter of our house. My husband learned how to do it the hard way, but he did a really good job. I’ve replaced the old cheap roof with a nice new one, and we’ve replaced all the kitchen appliances with new ones. Well every appliance but the stove. The oven/stove is a drop in which has a wooden panel across the bottom of it.

So now all we do is start working off our tick list. Last weekend my husband started with the landscape. There is a huge bush at the front that has gotten so big that you couldn’t see the house. Although it has pretty leaves and isn’t an ugly bush….it has to go! And any excuse my husband has to use his power tools is a good one.

Here are a few pics of how much he enjoyed his honey do list!

This next weekend, we’re pulling the ugly stump out with all the other little bushes that line that flower bed. We’re going to dig up all the rock, and plant a variety of pretty flowers and tall grassy plants. Then we’ll lay dark tan bark and line the flower bed with a medium colored rock border. It should drastically improve the look and my mood when I see it.


4 thoughts on “Curb Appeal”

  1. :)… this post is on my top 10 for the day. Your husband and I are already brothers in Christ, but the addition of power-tools 🙂 🙂 🙂

    …I was already smiling when I read “And any excuse my husband has to use his power tools is a good one.” – so the pictures were welcome, as the first photograph matched my fun imagination 🙂

    Blessings In Christ Sis

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